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Some Things Never Change

Sometimes shifts in businesses are seismic and sometimes they are subtle. But one thing is for sure that despite this there are certain important fundamentals that never change. As a result, you should always be working to strengthen these aspects so that you are in the best position ever to take on whatever life throws at you. Curious to find out what they are?

Leading in Unchartered Waters

During this difficult realm of uncertainty, there has been a rise in the negative psychological impact of being in dentistry. This is true for all team personnel and patients alike that are involved in a dental practice. There has been much talk of anxiety and looming stress of the unknown or the imminent future. As a result, the Scientific Committee of the BAPD has introduced a white paper that you may find useful.

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Focus on Mental Health Awareness Week

Today marks the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week. As a person who has suffered from Anxiety Disorder myself for many years and finally learnt to overcome and manage it, I feel that I can contribute in some small way to helping those that may find themselves in an uncomfortable place.

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DWB Predictions for Dental Practices Post Covid

When you finally emerge from the lockdown, there are some excellent strategies that you can use to turn around your business. Inevitably, we are going to be experiencing a downturn in the economy since much of the country has been in lockdown. Hence, in order to survive the upcoming economic decline your most important considerations and focus will either make you succeed, or you will find getting back to normality highly frustrating. At DWB, we have made some important predictions that you may find useful when strategising for a powerful comeback.

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