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Culture eats Strategy for breakfast!

Recently, having attended a webinar by a guy called Dr Allen Zimbler who used to be Chief Integrating Officer at Investec plc and is now retired, I found that much of what he spoke about resonated with DWB thinking. Allen has also significantly contributed to helping Dentex Healthcare Group identify its Values and Vision. He came up with some interesting points which I would like to share with you.

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5 Key Proactive Areas to Focus on during Lockdown

At this moment, when you are blessed with time, is when you should be constructive in how to use that time so as not to waste it. I thought about this very hard and I thought to myself, if Rahul and I had this happening to us what would we do? How would we become proactive in helping our businesses?

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The Changing Face of Marketing

Dear Friends, Some of you may remember the Yellow Pages and all pre-internet marketing like advertising in newspapers. Much has changed in the last 50 years. Now, post-corona it will change yet again. This is because Marketing is actually a dynamic process.

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Thriving Amid Uncertainty

Globalisation, technology and innovations are rapidly changing the way dentistry is perceived, performed and understood. Of course this opens doorways to better and more enhanced ways of doing things but it also creates a more complex world with uncertainty and confusion. How do we survive amidst such mayhem?

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The Real Job

At some point in your dental career you realized that you want to do more dentistry, better dentistry and more full complete dentistry. You realize that you want to make a difference to someone’s life? You want to make that positive impact in the way a person see’s life. So what is your "real" job?

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