Case Acceptance

“As a clinician gaining a case acceptance is the process of helping someone discover something of value, therefore they are happy to pay for it”

Assessment Process for Greater Case Acceptances

Patients are living longer and they want to stay healthy and look good for their age. This means that dentists have an increasingly important role to play in improving the appearance and maintaining the functions of a dentition. This shift in focus from treatment of disease alone to improving the quality of life is a significant trend that is impacting our daily work. It has moved dentistry from a need-based service to a want-based service.

Also, patient expectations are increasing due to the huge volume of information now available to them. For this reason it becomes critically imperative to create a case acceptance process that allows both dentist and patient to co-discover the needs and requirements of the patient. This prompts discussion of relevant treatment options and provides value in your practice. It also enables you to exceed patient expectations by effective communication.

At DWB, we have developed a unique 3-Step Case Assessment Process that helps you to achieve your productivity goals as well as those dental goals of your patients.

Implementation of the Case Assessment Process will help you to:

  • Understand your patients’ needs better
  • Increase your case acceptance rate
  • Automate your internal marketing
  • Develop a cohesive and efficient team
  • Create raving fans and ambassadors for your practice
  • Achieve practice success


The Case Assessment Process learning objectives include:

New Patient Phone Call Management

This covers every possible eventuality and verbal skills to allow prospective patients to choose you over and above any other dental practice.

Pre-Patient Interview Technique

Here you will learn how to get your patients prepared for the interview.

Pre-Interview Management

You will see how easy it is to build value in your practice right from the start and create the best first impression.

Implementing role of Treatment Coordinator

Not all practices can or do create a treatment coordinator role. We will show you the benefits financially and how easily you can incorporate this role without any additional expense to you.

Communication Skills

Without correct communication skills even the best messages can be interpreted incorrectly. You will discover simple methods to allow you to communicate effectively.

New Patient Consultation Procedure and understanding of:

    • Exact verbal skills
    • Personality Assessment
    • Understanding true patient concerns
    • Identifying patient budget
    • Understanding the entire process
    • Building value
    • Aligning with patient perception
    • Providing patients with viable solutions
    • Exceeding patient expectation
    • Dentist-Patient rapport building technique



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