Dental Marketing

“Marketing is the dynamic process of helping people find something of value which they are then happy to pay for and also refer others to”

Cost-Effective Dental Marketing

Targeted, productive and cost-effective marketing is the bloodline to any growing business and it needs continuous focus and energy.

Unfortunately, Marketing isn’t something that is well understood and hence most practice owners succumb to advertising and media sales companies without any clear objectives or vision. This makes it extremely difficult for both parties to achieve positive results. Also, it makes the task of promoting a small business an expensive game of trial and error, without any clear strategy of what works and what doesn’t.

In order to achieve success it is important to bring into your practice the correct caliber of patients that are suited to the type of services you provide. This is beneficial in time and effort for both the dental practice and the patient.

One thing many practice owners forget is exactly how difficult it is for the ordinary patient to choose the right dentist. It is becoming increasingly more difficult for patients to seek out the appropriate care for themselves and differentiate dentists. This often leads to frustration or procrastination. Your marketing strategy needs to take this into account and accommodate your market’s needs. The only way this can be achieved is effective communication of your marketing message using cost-effective strategies.

However, it must be understood that marketing is not a business tactic but an evolving dynamic process that also grows and integrates with your overall business plan. For this reason, it becomes imperative for the business owner to fully understand the dynamics of what constitutes “Marketing”.

In order to achieve peak performance and superior productivity you need to develop your dental business using smart strategies encompassed within a premier marketing plan that delivers.


Our experience in dental marketing can be
your biggest advantage

We aim to ensure growth for your dental business, whatever the economic climate, with highly targeted marketing and communications.

Effective dental marketing should reflect your professional values, enhance practice growth and establish your unique contribution to the dental health of your community. To support these efforts, at DWB we have created a master marketing blueprint that will enable you to generate leads and enquiries that will result in higher case acceptances. This training program has been devised from personal experience and knowledge of multiple practices using proven formulas. It is guaranteed to work.

Turning Marketing into a Science

As working dentists you need a formula for attracting patients that doesn’t encroach too much upon your valuable patient treating time. Since DWB was created for dentists by dentists, we integrate techniques for marketing that are easy to understand and implement.

We use a unique proven formula that enables productive connections between you and your customers. Also, we know that every client is different; most practice principals have unique needs, goals and customers. This requires an exclusive bespoke approach to each business we work with.

Our customised workshops and training programs are tailored to meet your marketing objectives and budget. Whether you are looking to launch a brand, manage your reputation, jump-start a high-ROI campaign or increase brand awareness, we can help.

Benefits To You:

  • Develop your marketing plan to attract the right caliber of patients that are suited to your practice
  • Educate your patients about what services you have on offer and how they can benefit your patients
  • Keep connected with your patients
  • Create a brand that reflects the dentist’s professional values
  • Engage your team to help promote your practice
  • Enhanced customer communication Increase
  • Case Acceptance rates
  • Increased opportunities to further business development
  • Reduce the stress of building your practice



Course Fees

Please call us for a customised program. Special rates available for entire Practice Team

This is the most comprehensive training workshop available today – taught by dentists who have first-hand experience of running the most successful practices in the UK.

Course Dates

By appointment only.

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