Team Motivation

“A Team – a committed group of leaders working cohesively towards a common set of goals.”

In Successful Businesses The Team Runs The Show

A dental business provides the platform to cultivate your entrepreneurial spirit and leadership skills giving you a sense of accomplishment in a certain discipline of dentistry. However, a key function of leadership is also to obtain the best and optimal performance from your team.

Today, in the current financial climate there are no guarantees. If your practice doesn’t take care of your customers and perform well, there’s somebody out there who will. The pressure is on for people to perform their best, so there has never been a greater need for effective team management and leadership.

An effective team can make better decisions, move more quickly, and solve problems more creatively than any group of talented people working independently. This leads to a happy and productive environment leading to peak performance.


Benefits of Peak Performance of a Cohesive Team:

  • A willingness to respond to changes and take on risk
  • Greater creativity, wider perspective, and increased effectiveness in tackling problems
  • Improved performance through a broader knowledge and experience base
  • A shared responsibility for assignments and a shared commitment to goals
  • A more effective delegation of tasks
  • An inspired and motivated team
  • The team run the show leaving the dentist to the dentistry
  • Significantly reduced stress for dentist, team and patients
  • Enhanced promotion of the services available


Let us help you to be the very best that you can be

We have now inspired and trained so many individuals that have gone on to own their own business or have been promoted to practice managers and treatment coordinators. Our experience is vast, we have trained over 5000 dentists and their teams and every type of practice from start-ups to exit strategies for retiring dentists.

We have personal experience of over 20 years in team motivation and inspiration, with 12 team members of The Perfect Smile Studios going on to become practice managers and consultants in dentistry.

We would like to help you to nurture and develop your leadership skills and optimise team performance. We can help your team to connect to each other and to your patients transforming into a formidable marketing and sales force.


Team Training & Motivation Workshop

We have created a 2-day workshop that trains you and your team on the following aspects of practice success:

Creating a Successful Practice

  • How to create the ideal sales and marketing team
  • How to motivate and inspire your team to function cohesively and efficiently
  • Increase your turnover by 50% by enhanced team verbal skills
  • Discover how to lead your team and not manage them
  • Understand how to turn your dental team into an ethical sales team that helps your patients understand the treatment you advise.
  • Turn your team into marketers so that your customers understand your services better.
  • Learn the Treatment Coordinator role and associated verbal skills.
  • Learn how to turn window shoppers into patients of your practice with superior telephone verbal skills.
  • Optimal time management
  • Automate your practice systems
  • Learn to empower Team members to manage your practice for you
  • Attract the right type of New Patients according to the type of dentistry you offer.
  • Nurture an empowered, enthusiastic and motivated Team.

Treat bigger cases easily and confidently

  • Increase your Case Acceptance by effective communication.
  • Understand your patients’ fears and concerns and how to address them.
  • Improve your confidence in communication.
  • Learn ethical ways of communicating with high integrity so patients make informed decisions for their dental health.

Practice Marketing

  • Create Team Driven Marketing
  • Learn What the Top Marketing Gurus know about Business.
  • Understand Networking skills

Verbal Skills

  • New patients contacting the practice by telephone
  • Managing Window Shoppers and enquiries
  • Scripts for patients cancelling appointments
  • FTA and follow up calls
  • Case presentation verbal skills

The New Patient Journey

  • Initial telephone scripts – how to get the patient through the door in the first place
  • Overview of what new patients should receive prior to their appointment
  • How to greet patients – what to say, and what not to say
  • Verbal skills and body language, including tone and speed of voice

Smile Analysis

  • Create a Smile Analysis for your practice
  • Training on who should use it and how to use it properly
  • Find out information about your patients wants and desires, leading to higher case acceptance on treatment your patient desires and you want to deliver.

Tracking System

  • For all new patients,
  • For pending treatment cases and
  • For declined treatment cases.
  • Effective systems for you to track your patient numbers.

The Treatment Coordinator

  • Explore the role and responsibilities. In most cases you will have a suitable team member waiting for the chance to shine in this role and watch your stress disappear.

Diary management

  • Eliminate the most stressful area of a dental practice- the appointment diary!
  • Different ways to structure the appointment diary to ensure that you can achieve daily targets and maximise efficient use of surgery space and clinical time.



Taking your practice to the next level

If you are interested in taking your practice to the next level and are ready to let your team run the show then call us to book your place on the upcoming workshops.

Course Fees

Please call us for a customised program.

This is the most comprehensive training workshop available today – taught by dentists who have first-hand experience of running the most successful practices in the UK.

Course Dates

By Appointment Only.


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