Dental Business Consultancy

Strategic Dental Consultancy 


We start all our programs with an in-depth analysis of how your practice(s) functions.

We want to fully understand all your business needs and obstacles to success. We subsequently build in strategies that fulfil your business ambition and those that provide you with a work/life balance.
We have found that the Strategic Success Day is very popular with the team, as it provides a great introduction to what is to follow. We also make it a priority to meet your entire team individually so that we can assess the personalities and capabilities that make up your team.

To succeed, it is important that you establish a Team Driven practice. This will require a growth mindset. Hence, we work to get everyone into the same “positive thinking and growth” mentality.
Throughout the DWB Coaching Program, we have integrated progressive mindset transcendent techniques with enhanced personal development. This means that we will cover the philosophy of change simultaneously with the actual change itself. We believe if your team understand the “WHY” they are doing something, then the WHAT and the HOW becomes self-explanatory and easy to implement

Our overall aim is simple – to help you fill in the missing holes in your business to establish a healthier and more productive practice.
We want you not just to survive but instead to thrive with sustainable growth. Following our DWB Coaching Programs, you will have all the business skills and tools you need for all future business endeavours.

We start the process by strategising how we can give you quick returns on your investment. Following the Pareto Principle, we initially focus on the 20% of growth activities that produce 80% of the returns. This usually gives you an instant 25% boost in revenues.
The Strategic Success Day is tailored to your specific needs and focuses on providing you with a plan of action on how you can grow your practice to the level you need it to be.

We specialise in Change Management and can help you induce the proactivity required to bring about the significance of Turnover.
Thereafter, we will outline the individual personalised consultations, webinars and training workshops for your entire team. This gives you a personal learning experience tailor-made to suit your unique practice needs and requirements.

We will evaluate your dental business as it is currently, looking into all the key areas such as financial and profit model, potential growth areas, gaining case acceptances for larger cases, teamwork, marketing, communication skills, operations and leadership.
We will then establish the correct goals and provide you with a specific Plan of Action to help you grow and realise your ideal practice.

We will help integrate the strategies into your practice, including follow-up contact.

We want to provide you with quick realistic solutions in the areas of particular interest to you. We can help you to set better goals and achieve them faster through proven, tried and tested solutions. Sometimes all you need is a little experienced helping hand to move you in the right direction. You can then take control of your future in a way that resonates with you.

We will help in the following areas:

  • Practice Profit Solutions
  • Business Strategy and Growth Evaluation
  • Change Management
  • Bespoke Practice Solutions
  • Team Management & Motivation
  • Treatment Coordinator (TCO) Training
  • Sales and Communication Training
  • Creating Systems
  • Implementing Systems
  • Cost-Effective Marketing
  • Case Acceptance Coaching
  • Leadership

Experience and expertise as dentists, mentors and coaches in the

Profession and as Multiple Practice Owners

  • Created and developed websites that attract more than 1200 visitors a day
  • Pioneers in developing the patient journey in UK
  • President of BACD 2018/19

  • Clinical Strategy Development Director for Dentex (for over 80 practices)

  • Award winners including Most Outstanding Contribution to Dentistry

  • Judges for the National Private Dentistry Awards for over 12 years

  • Clinical Editor for PPD magazine

  • Multiple media appearances including BBC, all seasons of Extreme Makeover UK, This Morning and national newspapers.

  • The Perfect Smile Advanced Training Institute

  • International Speakers in over 10 countries

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“I can honestly say that Dental Wealth Builder changed my life, and would highly recommend Rahul and Bhavna with their depth of experience in dentistry”

Private Dentistry Awards Judges

Editor For Premium Practice Dentistry

Past President British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Directors of Perfect Smile Advanced training Institute

Clinical Director for Dentex Healthcare Group