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High Performance Coaching

A business coach is the most effective way for your practice to achieve sustainable growth. We help advice changes to team motivation, systems, communication, sales and marketing process and the practice. A key benefit is having someone who helps you to see your strengths and weaknesses and uses them to accomplish your goals, success and vision.

Transformational Leadership

Leadership is the art of helping people reach their best potential as leaders in their own lives; whilst nurturing a committed group that will work cohesively towards a shared purpose. This course will show how to create your ideal team that is committed, works autonomously and in a cohesive manner towards a shared purpose of practice success

Entrepreneurial Associate

This program has been unique developed for those dental associates who are intending on eventually becoming practice and/or business owners. It is an extensive coaching program that will enable you to master the skills, techniques and business know-how, so that you are fully prepared at taking on a dental business and making it as profitable.

Ultimate Peak Performing Associate

The ULTIMATE PEAK PERFORMANCE Program is a more in-depth look at developing a Profit-Making Strategy unique to you. Everything you need to know is shared with you in this 12 Month Associate Coaching Program.

Successful Associate

This is a 6-month program where we cover all basic understanding of strategies to help you attain the success you require. You will also benefit from personalised life plan coaching as you proceed through the 6 Month Coaching program.

Advancing Associate

An online program where we cover all basic understanding of strategies to help you attain the success you desire. The ADVANCING PROFITABLE ASSOCIATE GAME PLAN will provide all the training and tools required to gain greater case acceptances.

High ROI Marketing

Marketing is the dynamic process of helping patients find treatment options of value which they are happy to pay for and refer others to. The course will rapidly accelerate your practice success and practice growth.

Private Client Coaching

The coaching that rapidly accelerates your practice growth. The intense focus is to Achieving Success, Business Strategy and Entrepreneurial Leadership. Multi-faceted course to transform you, and your practice.

Increasing Case Acceptances

We have developed a unique 3- Step Ethical Case Assessment Process that helps you to achieve your productivity goals as well as the dental goals of your patients. The course with proven and tested step by step details.

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