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“Leadership is the art of helping people reach their best potential as leaders in their own lives; whilst nurturing a committed group
that will work cohesively towards a shared purpose.”

Are you suffering from an uncommitted team, resistance to new ideas, loss of control and poor returns on your investment in your team?

Do you find that you never seem to get ahead and generate the revenues you know you should be getting?

An ideal team is committed and works autonomously and cohesively towards a shared purpose of practice success.

Most dentists incorrectly believe that success will automatically follow if they become more proficient in their clinical skills.

Hence, they spend much time and money on postgraduate training, equipment and technology. However, after a while, they begin to realize that their skills and tools remain redundant and that they are not getting the right calibre of patients coming to them or going ahead with their recommended treatment. This is mostly because people management is also a skill that needs to be improved.

An engaged, motivated and inspired team is required to make a practice work smoothly.

 35% of practice owners don’t  receive any leadership training & coaching

79% of employees will quit after receiving inadequate appreciation from their managers.

69% of Millennials are concerned that their workplace does not develop their leadership skills

Principals with Leadership coaching  creates a better connection with their teams, feel more confident in decison making, creates greater independence, and produces a higher performing teams, delivering higher rates of succesess and growth.


Many practice owners face team resistance in its various forms when trying to implement new changes within the practice. Yet, these new ideologies are often essential if the practice is to grow.

But often, despite repeated team instructions, training and meetings, it becomes increasingly difficult to integrate new systems, new treatments, better patient engagement concepts, improved marketing and new ideas.

Despite continual reform, many practice owners find it increasingly challenging to motivate or inspire a team that appears to have lost its mojo.

This leads to a breakdown of team unity, efficiency and effectiveness, resulting in a lacklustre team dynamic.

Staff are often only working for a paycheck rather than genuine commitment.

When negativity breeds, staff turnover increases.

This creates a deteriorating impact on your profits.

Every time a staff member leaves, you must spend time, money and effort on recruiting, training and integration.

It also leaves residual aftermath of negativity within the remaining team, consequently stagnating growth.

Incorrect actions or inaction by the team results in ineffective and inefficient sales and marketing processes – the consequences of which are poor financial results and much frustration.

This becomes demoralizing, and practice owners begin not to trust their own decisions.

This then becomes a repetitive cycle until practice declination.

Despite spending vast amounts of energy, time and resources to motivate your team, you feel you fall short every time.

It seems like you are on an emotional roller-coaster and find it challenging to get through to them.

Eventually, you compromise on your situation since you don’t enjoy the confrontational interaction.

Too many practice owners get wrapped up working “in” their business and leave no time for working “on” their business.

They leave no room for proper team management and progress.

Some do a bit of everything but in a reactive and unstructured manner.

Practice owners then lose confidence in their management abilities and start operating from a place of fear.

More often than not, this causes chaos, leading to never having enough time to make the positive changes necessary to grow your practice and profits.

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