Our Story

It was only when I met my husband Rahul (of 25 years now), who had decided to purchase a practice at the time, that I became interested in business at all. Rahul is actually an excellent cosmetic dentist

Our Story

Years ago, if you had asked me my personal mission, coming from a humble upbringing, I would have said things like – to become financially independent, to have a nice house, to have a good long term relationship, to have well-educated kids and to be happy.

I’m not sure when it happened, but somewhere along the way we decided we wanted something more inspirational. We wanted to become the beacon for others and help people realise their own potential.

When we finally looked up from our endeavours, we realised that we had achieved a Vision for us and our teams much sooner than either of us had expected! It was then that we realised that we had accomplished so much more than either of us had ever dreamt.

It was at this point that we felt it was imperative that we were able to contribute to the world in a bigger and more meaningful way.

They say that in the moment you make a decision you carve your future. So, both Rahul and I decided together that I would follow my heart and continue on with our very important work helping other dentists achieve their goals too. This would be our contribution to life and also the reason why we exist – our purpose.

Over time, we had become experts in transformational leadership, planning, change management and business strategy.

Now, after 15 years in High-Performance Business Coaching and with 25 years’ experience in the dental industry, I can tell you that I am more passionate about the business of dentistry than I have ever been. Something magical happens to you when you really know your stuff and yet still have a yearning to learn more. You can say this is my calling.

Rahul was headhunted for a role as Clinical Strategy Development Director for the Dentex Healthcare Group. He is thriving in this role and is very passionate about his work too, now overlooking more than 75 practices and facilitating their success.

Together with my husband, life partner and best friend Dr Rahul Doshi, I feel that we are evolving every single day. We feel truly blessed to be in this position and we fully understand the responsibility that comes with it.

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My second (only to Rahul) love…

One of the biggest highlights of my life is that I found my true vocation. Albeit, that I stumbled upon it, by the very fact that I became a dentist. I found dentistry to be hard work. Although I became a very good dentist (and can do excellent work even today if I had to), it was not my calling. I was a hard worker and like so many believed that this was the way to success.

I am constantly in awe of his very apt clinical skills. This is the reason why he started training and helping other dentists at The Perfect Smile Advanced Training Institute and other organisations in our industry. He has now helped more than 7000 if not more dental surgeons in his areas of expertise such as Treatment Planning, Smile Designing, Cosmetic Dentistry and Full Mouth Rehabilitation.

Rahul and Bhavna have been featured in Extreme Makeover, BBC, ITV, Sky TV and National Media

However, for me, it was only when we purchased our own practices that I truly became alive. Although in the beginning we were finding our way and it was not easy. As a result, the journey took much longer than expected with many ups and downs, but I learnt so much along the way. Eventually, running several businesses didn’t feel like work at all – I revelled in it!

Over time I personally started focusing more and more on the business aspect of dentistry. I was thrilled at each turn in our lives and it really allowed my creativity to bloom. Eventually, I braved my way to developing my own coaching business – Dental Wealth Builder.

I wanted to create an approach to coaching that was different from anything out there already. I wanted to provide a personal service with individual attention and help make the change happen. Too many dentists get told what to do but do not get the hands-on help they need to follow through on the advice. I wanted to be there for my clients on the ground level in true partnership with them on a journey to success. As a result, no one coaching program is alike and I tailor-make each strategy for the individual practice and client.


Over the years we have been grateful for our family and we feel blessed to have had the opportunity to experience such wonderful human beings that are our children. Having brought up a family at the same time as focusing on our careers has not been without its challenges.

However, we have been able to develop and achieve success both professionally and personally, whilst experiencing greater levels of energy, enjoyment and satisfaction in our work/life balance.

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