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The contents of our message and how we present our message affects how our patients perceive us. This in turn affects our ability to attract and keep our patients and hence it directly affects our income.

 A message is any source of information you put out in the world about your business. It can be in any format. For example, website, advertisements, telephone messages, radio ads, a letter to your patient or even verbal communication to your customers. Any form of communication will contain either part or whole of your message.
For this reason, you need to give your message considerable thought and attention. Indeed, your message may even change from time to time or you may develop multiple messages.
There are various consistent components of a really good eye-grabbing message which needs to be part of any marketing content you create.

These components are:

  1. Assembling a message.
  1. Presenting your message.
  1. Positioning your message.

All three aspects needs as much thought and attention as the other. They are all very important.

Creating the correct message requires much more consideration and thought. In fact, you need to be putting a huge amount of thought into whatever type of message you want to create regardless of the type of media you choose.
After we have assembled a great compelling message, we then need to think about how we want to present that message.  What is the best way of presenting our message so that it is noticed in exactly the way we want it to be noticed?
Once we have decided how we want to present our message i.e. which tools we want to use to “show off” our message, we then need to think about positioning our message so that it is noticed.

All this requires very important consideration and quality thinking because our patients can only use our marketing information to help them to make decisions regarding their mouths.  It is only after they have accepted our recommendations that they actually get to see how good we really are.  So up until the point that they actually have the treatment, they are only building trust in the practice, in their minds using our marketing material – more importantly, marketing messages.
Therefore, people are literally making decisions on whether or not to go ahead with our treatment recommendations based upon our marketing.  This makes marketing substantially and critically important for any business.

When you advertise, the quality of your dentistry should be outstanding. Your adverts require a truthful representation of your services

The Steps to Create your Ideal Message

Firstly, attract more people of the right type to our practices. Our external marketing messages can ensure that appropriate people respond to our marketing.  This way we can build and grow our practices with the appropriate patients.  Ultimately, we will develop the practice that we enjoy working in and whose patients we enjoy treating.  We can design marketing messages to suit our individual requirements and needs.  We can create a message to attract only those people that are interested in benefiting from the type of dentistry that we enjoy doing. However, your message needs to be a “truthful” representation of who you are and what you can do for people.

Secondly, we then want the patients in our practice to purchase more dentistry from us. We want to increase the lifetime value per patient.  We want to earn greater fees from the patients in our practice.  This will increase our revenues, at the same time doing the dentistry we love to do.  You cannot do the dentistry you love to do if you do not have the right type of patients in your practice in the first place.  Your marketing messages can ensure that you bring the right type of patients into your practice and then they purchase your recommendations.

Thirdly, we want our patients to keep coming back to us and remain loyal to us.  This can only be done with our internal marketing messages.

Fourthly, we want our patients to refer other patients to us just like them. This keeps the practice growing and developing in the way we wanted it to.

Finally, we need to keep a close eye on how the practice is developing. Is it the way we want it to be?  Do we have the right type of patients we want in our practice?  Are we doing the type of dentistry we love to do?  If you have a negative response to any of these questions then you need to start looking at your marketing message again and redesign it to bring about the desired results in your practice.

As you can see, the marketing message that you create and send out in the world is critically important to the well-being and health of your practice.

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