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“Marketing is an ongoing process of moving people closer to deciding to purchase your product or services….”

How do you undertake cost-effective Dental Marketing?

In order to answer this question, we have to go on a journey of discovery of ourselves. We first need to establish what business are we really in?

And we need to understand the key elements of any marketing we wish to do.

We traditionally like to think of marketing as ADVERTISING. But this is only a small portion of the entire picture. We need to know about ALL the media that are available for our use.

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It incorporates many functions of a business.

Many dental practices are already using a few systems of correct marketing without knowing it. However, they are not benefiting from this “dental marketing” because it is performed in a haphazard manner without any form or function.

This coaching will give you the blueprint to redesign your marketing systems to produce benefits for both you and your patients. This is so you can start undertaking marketing with a new ROI focus.

Also, UK dental-marketing is much more than a single attempt and usually represents a continual process. Therefore, your marketing strategies need to be continuously updated if you are to stay ahead of the game. This is because it doesn’t take your competitors long to catch up.

Marketing is a dynamic process. Forever Changing

Look at “dental spas” for instance. There was no such thing a few years ago. Now everyone who sets up a new place or decorates their practice gives it a spa look. (Or even calls it a spa!).
How about cosmetic dentistry?
So if you are in the business of dentistry then think again. Because you are really in the business of marketing your dentistry!
 This is a really different way of thinking and you need to develop this mindset before you attempt to master dental marketing. This is why the practice owner needs to be in control of your marketing and not delegate this very important job. No one is better qualified to make marketing decisions for your practice than you.
It is better to understand what your marketing plan is and then delegate the various tasks to others if you feel you can’t do it all yourself. But only you can make the decisions. Don’t lose control. Don’t lose profits.

Ethical Marketing

The reason for this is to maximise the principle of exponential leverage.

This principle states that in everything you do, you need to produce a result that is the best and the most profitable that it can possibly be. For example, if you were to send newsletters to your patients then it will still cost you the same amount of money and team effort whether you resulted in 2 new case acceptances or 50 case acceptances. Your expense was exactly the same.

Similarly, if you produced an advert in the yellow pages, you will spend exactly the same amount of time, energy and money whether you created 1 new customer or whether you produced 70 new customers for your business.

The point is you spent exactly the same amount of time, energy, resource and money to produce whatever result. So why not maximise on the principle of exponential leverage and get the very best out of that deal that you can possible achieve.

Most people will say “well I thought I was doing that anyway”. If you were, then you would be very rich!
There are certain fundamentals that need to be understood about each strategy utilised in marketing. They have been tried and tested in different industries and they work. This tool kit is going to show you how to maximise the principle of exponential leverage so that you can build your wealth to greater levels than you ever thought possible.

Correct dental marketing is going to open the doors of opportunity in your life and draw in the right calibre of patients to your practice.

One thing you need to understand in marketing and that is you must deliver what you promise.

If in your marketing campaign you say you will be able to create great smile makeovers, then your skill and knowledge and expertise must match that message in your marketing. Because it may be that declaration that draws new patients to you and if they are not satisfied at the end of treatment, you will have a lot to answer to.

This can be detrimental to your business and has been known to destroy businesses in the past.

DWB helps you with your marketing strategy, your marketing plan and your cost-effective marketing budget for your dental practice.

70% of online experiences begin from search engine
30% of under-35s purchased a product through social media
50% of customers will stop using a website with a poor patient experience
Webpages containing customer testimonials boosts conversion by up to 30%
  • DWB provides impartial advice to help you with any dental marketing activity to help you get a high return on your investment.
  • We help you with impartial advice and strategy on website development, SEO advice, paid google ads, paid Facebook ads, PR campaigns, branding, articles and adverts.
  • Before you spend your money on a new website, your new marketing campaign or to get advice on getting the right calibre of patients for your practice and increase your profits, call us.

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