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Outstanding Contribution to Dentistry Award

Dr Rahul Doshi was awarded this prestigious accolade “Most Outstanding Contribution to Dentistry” in March 2017 at the Aesthetic Dentistry Awards. We are very proud of this amazing lifetime achievement award.

Judges for the UK National Private Dentistry Awards

Both Dr Bhavna Doshi and Dr Rahul Doshi have now worked with the UK National Private Dentistry Awards for over the last 14 years. This has proven to be a great platform with which to comprehensively understand the nature of the UK’s top dental practices in every area of private dentistry.

Over the years they have contributed to the selection of Practice of the Year, Best Practice North, Best Practice South, Best Team, Best Patient Care, Best New Practice, Best Marketing, Best Employer, Best Employee, Best Young Dentist, Best Hygienist, Best Receptionist, Best Dental Nurse, Best Practice Manager, Best Child-Friendly Practice, Best Website, Best Referral Practice, Best Digital Practice, Most Improved Practice, Best Practice Brand & Design, Best Charity or Community Project and many more.

Having spent many years understanding what makes “Best Practice”, both Rahul and Bhavna are highly experienced in making your practice successful and gain momentum at the forefront of dental innovation and modernisation.

This was our flagship dental practice, designed with an efficient team workflow in mind – one that had a backstage and front stage. The décor by Derek Pover who worked as the Creative Director and whose past clients include Harrods and Selfridges. This practice also served as our guinea-pig trial practice for all the new DWB business ideas. It represented a forward-thinking idealism in 7-star customer service and patient-centric assuredness. More.

Rahul, Bhavna and the Practice have been featured in Extreme Makeover, BBC, ITV, Sky TV and National Media

Our motto was “Changing Lives and Exceed Expectations”. This we fulfilled in every way.

Dr Rahul Doshi was Past President of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD). It has allowed him to contribute to help dentistry take centre stage for many forward-thinking dentists.

The BACD organisation resonated with many of his philosophies of producing the best quality cosmetic work that would have a significant and positive impact on the emotional and physical state of people. He wanted to highlight the many facets of dental knowledge, experience and methodology that go into the overall aesthetic result for a patient.

He has been delighted to have been part of this innovative and progressive movement. He continues to support the BACD as a Board of Director and is a member of many committees.

Dr Rahul Doshi’s role is to facilitate the growth strategy, clinical protocols and clinical development of all practices within the Dentex Healthcare Group.

He is now involved in looking after over 75 practices throughout the UK. This has provided Rahul with an exceptional perceptive overview of dental practices in Britain.

It has equipped Rahul with an enhanced level of financial acumen necessary for the management of multiple practices.

Over several years Dr Rahul Doshi was appointed Clinical Editor of “Premium Practice Dentistry” publication. This was an instrumental role in developing experience within the dental industry. It positioned Rahul in good stead to be able to collate various components of what makes Top Practice.

He was responsible for accumulating the best articles from top clinicians that shared their knowledge and experience in various fields of dentistry.

As founders of The Perfect Smile Advanced Training Institute, both Dr Rahul Doshi and Dr Bhavna Doshi, realised a vision in which they could bring cutting edge techniques and avant-garde innovation to areas of dentistry such as Treatment Planning, Smile Designing, Cosmetic Dentistry and Full Mouth Rehabilitation. They have now trained over 7000 dentists and their teams on these specialist advanced techniques.

Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Dentistry including Smile Design, Occlusion and Full Mouth Rehabilitation via a 7-Day Hands-On Course

Both Drs. Doshi have also collected an impressive portfolio of invitations to speak at prestigious organizations worldwide. Between them, they have now addressed audiences in almost 50 different countries. 

To check authors to multiple publications Read more.


Dr Rahul Doshi and Dr Bhavna Doshi were the leading UK Cosmetic Dental Surgeons, who have worked with TV media on various makeover programmes, the most popular of them being Extreme Makeover UK and Britain’s Worst Teeth. They have also been extensively featured in the National Press including The Times, The Independent, The Daily Mail, The Guardian, Tatler and various other magazines

Due to their continued work in the dental industry and the dental profession, Dr Rahul Doshi and Dr Bhavna Doshi are respected as eminent opinion leaders. As a consequence, they are consulted on various current affairs on a regular basis. This can be as media consultants or headhunted to be part of various movements that want to take dentistry into the new millennium.

Amongst some of the movements they are part of, Dr Rahul Doshi is one of the formative committee members of the British Association of Private Dentists (BAPD).


Dr Bhavna Doshi has now trained numerous sales reps in her unique style of Selling Techniques. Her past clients include dental industry organisations such as Optident Sales Team and the entire Coltene Whaledent European Division Sales Team. It has been reported that “sales figures went through the roof” after her training.

Our coaching experiences, our business acumen and our dental careers have enabled us to create strategic systems that are easy to implement and can reduce the overall stress of business management in a practice. We have now been able to condense achieving business success into the DWB  7 Core Fundamentals.

We then developed unique systems within each key area to provide consistency of results with the ability to adapt when required. This gives you a flexible business strategy that is sure to work.

“If you want success, DWB will provide the direction, training and facilitation. Its Strategic Success. Delivered.” Bhavna

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