Our Coaching Services

We offer a business solution created for dentists by dentists. At Dental Wealth Builder we pride ourselves on our exceptional dental business coaching skills. We follow this 6 step process in all of our coaching programmes. This will help you to achieve ongoing financial growth and increase the value of your business.

If you want success, DWB will provide the direction, training and facilitation. Its Strategic Success. Delivered.

Over the last 30 years we have established a unique working personality which has become our advantage over other business coaches.

Firstly, all our strategies are tried, tested and proven to work in achieving a successful practice. We have attained this in not only our own practices but also in those we have coached. We understand what it takes to lead a successful profitable business whilst working as top practising dentists. Secondly, we have had the honour of working with a huge variety of practices which have only added to our comprehensive and in-depth experience in the dental industry. We have owned multiple businesses, helped numerous coaching clients and worked with corporates.Thirdly, in our experience to level up and achieve the ambition you require for your practice, we collate four distinct areas in the DWB Coaching Program.

The 4 areas of Growth and Success:

In order to get ahead of the game in is imperative that you have the correct mindset before you embark upon the journey.
One of the biggest challenges dentists face when trying to grow and level up is the transformation of Mindset particularly within the entire Team. This can be an obstacle regardless of whatever type of growth you are looking for. For this reason, we have integrated positive mindset transcendent techniques and enhanced personal development throughout the program. This means that we will cover the philosophy of change at the same time as the actual change itself. More.

We aim to not only teach business strategy but also to help you integrate these proven and realistic ideas into your specific business to establish a flourishing and profitable practice. We are confident that we can help you to achieve your Vision.

We do this using the 3 I’s: Intellect – Implementation – Integration.

It is important that you not only understand the knowledge and have the intellect behind the various strategies, but you are also able to take the action to implement the changes, and subsequently integrate them into your practice. Over time these ideas embed into your business in such a way that you start compounding in profitability. More.

It is extremely important that your work is married to your lifestyle in a balanced and harmonious manner. If this is not happening, you can be left frustrated and resentful with one or the other.

For this reason, as well as establishing your business vision, you also need to first plan what you intend for your overall life. This can also include your relationship with your partner, your family, your spiritual growth, your physical health, your financial wealth and what you like to do for fun. This way you will be fulfilled and joyous in your life.

It is your overall needs of a balanced life that tends to initiate the momentum and drive needed in your work and business.

As part of the DWB Program, we also strategize to integrate your overall Life Vision with your Business Vision. Having lived a fulfilled life ourselves, and accomplished much along the way, we feel we can contribute significantly to the success of your life too.

Over the years we have been able to condense all the success systems into the following focus areas: 

Secret to Success

Experience and expertise as dentists, mentors and coach in the

Profession and as Multiple Practice Owners

  • Created and developed websites that attract more than 1200 visitors a day
  • Pioneers in developing the patient journey in UK
  • President of BACD 2018/19

  • Clinical Strategy Development Director for Dentex (for over 80 practices)

  • Award winners including Most Outstanding Contribution to Dentistry

  • Judges for the National Private Dentistry Awards for over 12 years

  • Clinical Editor for PPD magazine

  • Multiple media appearances including BBC, all seasons of Extreme Makeover UK, This Morning and national newspapers.

  • The Perfect Smile Advanced Training Institute

  • International Speakers in over 10 countries

Our promise to you…

We hope that if we have the opportunity and honour of serving you, we will do so to the best of our abilities. You will find that we are both honest and transparent providing you with accurate and predictable solutions to your concerns, needs and requirements. These core values dictate how we achieve and make a significant difference to your business and personal life.

We wish you every happiness and success.

Bhavna & Rahul

Coaching works

“I can honestly say that Dental Wealth Builder changed my life, and would highly recommend Rahul and Bhavna with their depth of experience in dentistry”

Private Dentistry Awards Judges

Editor For Premium Practice Dentistry

Past President British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Directors of Perfect Smile Advanced training Institute

Clinical Director for Dentex Healthcare Group