Although it is important to get a business coach earlier on in your business career and there are numerous benefits, it may not be as easy task. There are now so many companies that claim to be able to help you in various ways.

So, which business coach do you choose?

They say your future is forged in the moment you make an impactful decision.

Making a decision on choosing the best business coach for you can be one of those moments.

  • Personally, I understand this dilemma very well. Early, on in our careers, we decided on having a business coach to springboard us to success. Having owned multiple dental practices, we too wanted help in organising our businesses to create profits.
  • Unfortunately, we had some hard knocks in that we never really found anyone business coach that was the complete package. We ended up taking a very long and hard journey to success when we could have made the jump much faster.

We understand what dentists are faced with when deciding to work with a business coach.


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The main considerations to help choose the best coach for you are:

  • What is their background?
  • How do they work?
  • How genuinely personal is the service?
  • Do you have a personality match?
  • What knowledge or experience do they have in doing the same things you want to achieve too?
  • How easy or difficult will it be for you to achieve your goals?
  • Do they have the complete package?
  • Will you be able to get a return on your investment?

Here is a checklist of some further aspects that you should evaluate when making a decision to hire a coach:

  • How motivational and inspirational is the coach? This will be an important consideration if you want a team driven practice. In order to get your team to work cohesively and individually in a productive manner you are going to have to inspire them to take action.
  • How transparent is the coach? You need somebody who will be genuine and honest with you every step of the way. This will help you to develop mutual trust and a powerful productive partnership.
  • Does the coach provide solutions to suit your work/life balance? There is no point in working excessively hard in one area of your life at the detriment to the other important aspects of your being. You need solutions that can fit into your life to create harmony and balance so that you can lead a fulfilled rewarding rich life.
  • Does the coach provide you with personal attention? Many coaches would rather do group sessions and provide standardised systems given to everybody. However, one size does not necessarily fit all. Although these sessions may be good for the initial learning and philosophy of change; you will require personal and individual attention to implement it in your own unique practice.
  • Does the main coach have a “hands-on” approach? Often the key coach is not accessible when you need them. Instead, you may get their associates or other consultants delegated to work with you. The one-to-one interaction necessary for impactful coaching to work is lost.
  • Is the coaching program may be too methodical and rigid? You may find that certain coaching styles provide a set number of visits or calls or activities. In actual fact, effective coaching requires a bespoke customised approach as one size never fits all. You may need a versatile plan to help you surpass your potential and capabilities.
  • Does the coach have a dental background? Coaches that have also owned practices and worked as a principal dentist will fully understand your plight. They will also have much experience to share and will understand your daily predicaments. These things you cannot attain at the same level as a non-dentist coach.
  • Does the coach have actual clinical knowledge of dentistry? Dental knowledge is useful to facilitate your sales and marketing strategies. Also, this knowledge is important when developing the systems around these topics. Otherwise, you will be left to do all the creative thinking.
  • Will the coach build solutions in cognisance with your passions? It is important that the practice is built around the dentistry you love and the work that is your passion. This is also an important consideration for your team. When this is not taken into account, certain strategies may lead to a somewhat profitable practice in the short term but when you look to the long term – you will have developed an unrewarding practice with a very discontented dissatisfied team.
  • Do the coaching strategies provide too much micro-overanalyses and micro-focus? This is when attention is given to the micro-detail of a business. Albeit, interesting information and somewhat useful information, it prevents you from getting a birds-eye view of where the practice is, taking your energies away from the overall picture to assess where the bottlenecks in your business lie. Micro-analyses are also very cumbersome and time consuming for the whole team with very little return.
  • Do the coaching strategies encompass a Team Driven Focus? If the ideas spoken about are not dependent upon overall team contribution and only on data analysis, then you are in danger of creating a very impersonal and figure-based business. This may well be your objective. However, when strategies are developed in cognisance with team dynamics and with a knowledge of the ground-level operations you are more likely to get your strategies implemented and actioned. Ideas that cannot be implemented remain ideas.
  • Does your coaching provide Team Training? In order to get results, the team need to be trained at all levels to be able to action your business plan. It is more cost-effective for you if your coach can do this also.
  • Are the coaching strategies too complex? Complicated ideas that are not easy to implement become redundant and impractical. If the plan is not actionable it is not advantageous to you. Many can easily mistake activity for progress. Too much attention on every tiny aspect of the business makes you focus on the 80% that brings about the 20% returns on effort. This can compromise your personal lives and lifestyle, taking all the fun out of being in business.
  • Does the coach come from an accounting or corporate background? You will find that there is too much decision making based upon figure work and spreadsheets alone. This can be unrealistic and unrelatable at ground level where your teamwork. These businesses are either just about the “money” so you have lost that element of personal satisfaction, or you have lost touch with how people work. Social economics and behavioural science is not just mathematics. In fact, a lot of business success is to do with emotional intelligence. You can easily lose touch with reality on the ground level if all decision-making is robotically done using complex financial logic alone.
  • Are the coaching ideas based solely on complex metrics and Key Performance Indicators? On occasion this can sound impressive but what actual value does it provide your business in terms of growth? You will understand where the holes in the business lie but you will still not understand how to plug them. Removing deficiencies in a business requires a cohesively working effective and efficient team that is motivated by impactful leadership. This is because metrics do not account for the large proportion of emotional intelligence required in business success.
  • Are the coaching ideas too broad for implementation? Some coaches provide very interesting entertaining concepts and theoretical ideas which are very impressive and dramatic. But when you look at them closely you will find that in reality, they are inapplicable and inactionable with no tangible way of making it work. Ideas that are too expansive in integration do not create results.
  • Does the coach have a proven track record of time-tested strategies? Can they really claim “Been There, Done That, Got the badge”? This will reassure you that you will get a return on your investment as they have the necessary business experience.
  • What kind of monitoring does the coach provide? Over-analysis with fancy charts and complex mathematics can be really impractical for the team. Also, it can become very time consuming with very little return on your investment in salary, since these activities are often carried out by managers. The monitoring of success needs to be simplistic and easy to carry out.
  • Are the strategies suggested, the same for everyone? In order to stand out in business you are going to need some unique creativity. This is especially true in sales and marketing. But, is the advice given the same advice given to all clients? There needs to be a deeper involvement on how you carry out sales and marketing strategies.
  • Is the coaching company too big? The main problem with companies that are too big is that they are unable to give you personal attention. You may not have your coach holding your hand through all the change. This can be quite unnerving and stressful.
  • Does the coaching style miss parts of the overall business strategy needed for sustained success? Some core fundamentals of business growth and success may be missing since the coach may not have the hands-on knowledge required. For example, marketing advice may be so standardised, antiquated and not current with the times. Alternatively, the systematic approach to sales or leadership may be missing.
  • Does the coach focus on your weaknesses or strengths? Some coaches decipher your weaknesses and then build their plan around helping you overcome them. You will never be as good with your weaknesses as you will your strengths. Therefore, it is better to build a business on your strengths and USP’s. However, you do need to use clever strategies to convert your weaknesses into opportunities.
  • Does the coaching provide too much emphasis on a few key people? Many companies advocate a Treatment Coordinator (TCO) for the sales process. However, a TCO alone cannot be responsible for the entire success of the sale. Too much emphasis on a few people can lead to team breakdown in the future. Also, this method can never produce a consistent baseline result with the possibility of growth.
  • Does the coach base their ideas on averages? Some coaches base the bulk of their strategy on averages, whilst other coaches only advise average percentage of spending on various aspects of a business. The truth is each practice is unique and so you can’t really choose one over the other. Each individual practice circumstances and objectives needs to be looked at carefully and then a plan of action decided upon based upon those requirements.
  • Does the coach only provide tactics? Many coaches only give you tactical solutions and call them long term strategy. This will only give you short term gains. In reality you need an overall strategic plan of action. One that is easy for you to implement.
  • Is the coach more “likeable” than beneficial? The style of coaching may appeal to numerous team members if the coach is entertaining and has the easy casual ability to make friends. However, the coaching must also produce results with real growth. This often takes team members outside their comfort zones and requires a coach with high emotional intelligence to help motivate and inspire the team to action.

Unique Solutions with Dental Wealth Builder

Having looked intensely at all coaching methods out there, we set out to develop a coaching program that overcame all of these inhibitors to success.

With over 25 years of experience, Dental Wealth Builder Coaching is as comprehensive as they come with the correct focus on the right things. And easy to implement and integrate strategies.

We have designed a unique program that is custom made to each individual client.


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