Personal Finance for Dental Coaching

Dental Wealth Builder is able to provide personal finance for Dental Coaching.
This is done by using the services of The Funding Falcon Ltd.

Unsecured Personal Finance Criteria
There is a criteria to qualify for finance. This includes :
  • Have you lived in the UK for over 3 years with a permanent address? Answer: Yes
  • Do you have a monthly income, either from employment or a pension? Answer: Yes
  • Do you have any CCJs, IVAs or have you missed any payments on any credit in the last 12 months? Answer: No. If the answer to these questions is Yes, it will be likely that the customer will be offered a higher rate or a guarantor option.
  • Do you have disposable income? Answer: Yes. If the answer is no, it is unlikely they will pass affordability checks, suggest a term of 5 years to keep repayments low. Note: If borrowing £2,000 or less it is not advised to apply for a higher repayment term than 2 years
  • Have you recently taken out a new form of credit/mortgage or payment plan in the last 3-6 months? Answer: No. If they answer yes, make the customer aware that this may hinder their ability to get credit, as they have recently had searches performed on their credit file.

Rahul Doshi T/as Dental Wealth Builder is an Appointed Representative of Funding Falcon Ltd which is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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To obtain finance for the various consulting and coaching we provide, please do contact us by email: