Proven Growth Strategies for a Successful Practice

Who we are

We are experts in the dental field, committed to providing dental business coaching for other practices. 

What makes us different from other do dental consultants?

We have experience both within practicing dentistry and running a dental practice. We combine our knowledge and experience as professional dentists and business owners to help your practice reach its highest potential. 

Our mission

Running a dental practice is not just about being the most-qualified or experienced dentist. Running a dental practice is a business challenge that you may not have developed the skills for in dentistry school.

As a dental business coach, we are devoted to helping you achieve your practice’s growth within the dental field.

If you are having issues with your practice or simply want to improve things, why not get in touch and see how we can make your business exceptional.


  • Over the last 25 years, 100% of practices we have worked with have achieved over 20-30% increase in turnover as a minimum. 
  • We only work with practices that are coachable and where we can make a significant contribution. Indeed, many practices have gained much more significant growth figures.
  • Converting NHS to private practice
  • Increasing the volume of private dentistry 
  • Establishing and management of a private practice for growth
  • Creating and growing a group of practices

Services – what are the problems you are experiencing and how can we help?

  • Health check (link)
  • Practice management
  • Building the perfect team

Our values:

  • Transparency and honesty
  • Patient focused
  • Strategy based

We promise to: 

  • Provide knowledge, expertise, enhance your skills
  • Increase confidence and help move your practice to the next level
  • Increase clinic revenue

Shape Your Future



How we are different…

We aim to not only teach business strategy but also help you integrate these proven and realistic ideas into your specific business to establish a flourishing and profitable practice. We are confident that we can help you to achieve your dreams.

Our promise to you…

We hope that if we have the opportunity and honour of serving you, we will do so to the best of our abilities. You will find that we are both honest and transparent, and provide you with accurate and predictable solutions to your concerns, needs and requirements. These core values dictate how we achieve and make a significant difference to your business and personal life.

We wish you every happiness and success,

Bhavna & Rahul


“DWB understands the concepts of business as applied to dentistry. Their ideas are innovative and exciting in today’s financial environment… They specifically design marketing strategies that are cost-effective for dentists and hence, bridges the gap between clinical dentistry and creating the demand for our services. DWB makes practice management, team building and increasing your profits easier to implement, than many others.”

Dr. Amarjit Gill, President BDA

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