A business coach is the most effective means for achieving sustainable growth, change and development in the individual, the team and practice. A coach is part advisor, part sounding board, part cheerleader, part manager and part strategist.

A key benefit is having someone who helps you to see your strengths and weakness and uses them to accomplish your goals and vision.

DWB provides the direction, training and facilitation.

Its Strategic Success. Delivered.

Dental Wealth Builder Focus Systems

We will develop your leadership potential to re-establish momentum in within your team so that your practice works effectively and efficiently to drive up your productivity and profitability. We have easy to use Leadership Tools that will make you a driving force in achieving your Vision, Mission and Goals.

Here we will help devise a master plan and vision that provides direction to your business and personal progress. You will discover how to grow your practice by eliminating unproductive aspects of your business and nurturing productive ones. 


Learn how to devise your own marketing plan based on your personal objectives. Create cost-effective dental marketing campaigns that attract pre-qualified, pre-motivated patients that will pay, stay and refer more patients to you. 

You will learn communication skills that increase your production, create team cohesiveness and develop as a centre of excellence for your patients. We will teach you a 3-step assessment process of helping your patients discover value in your practice and advice and hence be happy to accept your treatment solutions.


We want to rekindle enthusiasm and passion in your team and inspire them to be active participators in driving your vision forward. We will also provide you with easy to use templates that helps your dental team meet their own personal development objectives. 



You will learn multiple success strategies and ideas to help achieve optimum functioning of your business that are manageable, effective and financially rewarding. We have been able to implement consistent results from powerful systems that can easily be adapted to different practices.


We will help you to develop the correct financial acumen using simple Key Performance Indicators and effective financial tools, without overburdening you with over-analysis of your metrics. Discover how to make impactful powerful decisions using our “How to Increase Profitability” management tools.


We believe in developing a business model around those aspects of clinical dentistry that you are passionate about. We will help you to develop those skills further so that you regain complete job satisfaction and are able to fulfil those ambitions which made you become a dentist in the first place.



The correct mindset helps you to develop the tenacity required to fulfil your mission and attain your goals. We have integrated positive mindset transcendent techniques and enhanced personal development throughout the program. This means that we will cover the philosophy of change at the same time as the actual change itself.


You will receive:

For more than 20 years, both Dr. Bhavna Doshi and Dr. Rahul Doshi have offered dentists and their teams, a unique process of extraordinary growth, higher income and exceptional quality of life. Now they have combined their knowledge and success systems to offer the most comprehensive business success program ever produced.
If you feel that you have reached a plateau in your practicing lives or that you would like to take your practice to the next level, let us help you strategically achieve success.



This is a bespoke strategic 14-month coaching mentorship where we will create personalized programs to suit your individual goals and vision.
The DWB Coaching Program begins with a Strategic Success Day. This will be a foundational introduction to the whole process and an opportunity to meet and engage the team. Link to new page: Strategic Success Day (4a)
The program is a high calibre plan to attain high-performance growth and success. We have based our training on proven strategies based upon the DWB Business Fundamentals. Link to new page: DWB Business Fundamentals (4b)
We will provide you with all the resources you need to achieve success. Also, we will give you one-on-one assistance to motivate, support and create the skills and systems necessary to achieve practice success and personal fulfilment for you and your team.
During the course of the 14-months we will provide you and your team with all the resources, experience, advice and teaching you need to make your dreams a reality. This puts you directly back in control of your own successful future.
  • Business Planning & Strategy

  • Monthly Coaching Progress Calls/Meetings

  • Financial Planning and Profit Strategy

  • Marketing Strategy and Customised Plan

  • Verbal Skill & Patient Communication training for the entire Team

  • Customised Seminars – CPD Awarded

  • Senior Management Training

  • Integration of all DWB Growth Systems

  • Life long friendships

  • Team Training Implementation Workshops – CPD Awarded

  • Treatment Coordinator Training

  • Reception Telephone Training

  • Access to all our resources

  • Ongoing Support and Assistance

  • Access to all Online Training Courses and materials

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