Financial Strategy

It is important to develop a financial structure that works for both you and your team.

Our coaching program helps to achieve this by evaluating your financial requirements and then establishing a finance strategy.

Reasons that Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)  are important for your dental practice include:

  1. KPIs support and influence the practice vision
  2. KPIs fosters growth
  3. KPIs strengthen employee morale

KPI’s to track include :

  • Revenue: average profits, total revenue
  • Customer service: customer satisfaction
  • Marketing: new customers, conversion success, tracking marketing source

Our program also includes other financial aspects such as: how to eliminate bad debt; appropriate

Fee setting; Production measurement; creating annual financial targets and how to look at financial metrics.

We can also help to instigate a customised method unique to your practice to help with staff remuneration and bonus systems.

This will further grow your team by providing a financially rewarding system that is beneficial to both you and your team.

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