Written Testimonials

Some of the dentists Rahul and Bhavna have trained include

Sam Jethwa,  Gurs Sehmi,  Rhona Eskander,  Andy Denny,  Jan Einfeld,  Avinash Sachdev,  Philip McCauley,  Ali Rifai,

DWB understands the concepts of business as applied to dentistry. Their ideas are innovative and exciting in today’s financial environment… They specifically design marketing strategies that are cost-effective for dentists and hence, bridges the gap between clinical dentistry and creating the demand for our services. DWB makes practice management, team building and increasing your profits easier to implement, than many others.”
Dr. Amarjit Gill, President BDA
I have been a member of the Rahul and Bhavna Doshi coaching programme since January 2012. The coaching programme has been very helpful to me as I am looking to grow and expand our practice and Rahul and Bhavna have had the relevant experience to guide and advise me on the best things to do to achieve our goals. Having a mixed NHS and private practice, we are looking to grow by increasing our private income and the coaching programme has, at its core, a focus on increasing profitability. I really like the philosophy that Rahul and Bhavna make their advice and suggestions based on what they would do if they owned my dental practice and it helps to have someone who is on the outside of the practice point out which areas could be improved. In addition, the coaching programme means you have someone who you are accountable to for the planned changes that you agree to make. I am very pleased to have enrolled in the coaching programme and I would certainly recommend it to any of my dental colleagues.
Dr Sanjit Chaudhuri
‘This was a fantastic course and far exceeded my expectations. Far more than just a course, this is the full package to improve both skills and business side of an aesthetic practice. I can’t believe how much I’ve learnt and how excited I am now to put more of this into practice. Sharing the experience with a lovely group of delegates, technicians, business industry professionals and patients, and enjoying the nice restaurants of Hertford has made this a complete pleasure. Thank You All!” 
Dr. B. Denny,  Weston-Super-Mare
“Brains Full. Big To Do List!”
Dr. A. Denny, Weston-Super-Mare
“Thank You, I think I can start my career again with some fresh new knowledge, skills and confidence. I am excited!”
Dr. I. V Merwe,  London
“Dear Bhavna, Thank you so much for all the useful tips and advise on creating a profitable practice. Your strategies are so simple yet so effective. Very Powerful!”
Dr Shilla Talati, Coventry
“Bhavna revolutionized my practice within a space of a year. I can’t believe the amazing results I have been able to achieve. Both Bhavna and Rahul gave me the confidence to steer our practice in the right direction. I feel that the dental wealth builder coaching program has fast tracked me 10 years into the future. I am now at a stage in my practice which I couldn’t believe possible. My team literally runs the show! They have all been so inspired by Bhavna. I would highly recommend this course to anyone – don’t think about it – just do it! They do everything they say they will. Also, I found that any time I needed help or advice both Rahul and Bhavna were there for me. I didn’t feel alone at any time. I think every one should be coached by them – its essential to a dental practice. They provided a fast track way of getting results. Now my team are happy, I’m happy and my patients are definitely happy because they keep referring more people to me. Thanks guys, I can’t thank you enough for changing my life!”
Dr. Sarah Tindale, Norwich
“Dr.Doshi teaches you to avoid all the pitfalls, we dentists keep making and so in the long run I’m saving money and investing it in marketing with a greater response results… Every dentist will be so well equipped with information and how to put that information to good use that you will be stunned at how easy the steps are to greater benefits to your practising careers and your patients. Don’t miss out on this.”
Dr. R.Talati. Birmingham
‘ I have really enjoyed this program. I have implemented some improvements to my practice but know that I still have a long way to go. Ever time I talk with Bhavna my To DO List gets bigger! But the best thing is Bhavna and Rahul have shown me how to prioritize so I don’t let it stress me out anymore. I can see visible results in my charts and income! This has definitely helped me to move on to the next level. Thank you Bhavna and Rahul for giving me the confidence I so needed!”
Dr. S. Redpath, Manchester  
“Very informative and thought provoking lecture. Very enjoyable – I will look to implement as many of these ideas as soon as possible and hopefully boost my income! And be more profitable!”
Dr Rumeet Patel, Associate, Middlesex
“Marketing made simple by a dentist for dentists! It’s as simple as that. It’s FANTASTIC! Bhavna’s lectures on marketing are a MUST for the modern dentist. From her high successful career from perfect smile studious to extreme makeover no one else is better placed to teach it!!!. The need to ‘stand out’ in today’s competitive dental market is fundamental and this is aptly illustrated through clear concise steps. I strongly believe that these lectures have given me the best financial return out of the thousands I have spent on other courses! Quite simply it is the missing link and ties everything together allowing me to use the practical techniques and treatments. Thank you bhavna for giving me such a structured way to grow!”
Mr Nilesh M Bhatt, GDP Surrey
“Enthusiatic, inspiring, charismatic! Listening to Bhavna was a pleasure and exciting!”
Dr. Pinal Patel
“This was a goldmine of a seminar delivered with great enthusiasm and information. It certainly kept me riveted for the whole hour… lots of food for thought to put into action, and a lot of tips over the coming months and years! It certainly has separated the trees from the woods!”
Dr Hasmita Patel, Principal Partner, London
“Today Dr Bhavna Doshi gave a lecture on marketing within the Practice. This lecture was very informative and well explained… I would recommend to people that if they get the chance to listen to Bhavna speak, then they should as she was very good  – I can see why she is so successful in her work.”
Kelly Norman, Dental Nurse, Bedwas
“Great ideas! Very powerful!”
Anna Polaczyr
“Outstanding speaker, Dr Doshi seems so excited about sharing her knowledge with us. I will leave here today with so many ideas and a completely different attitude in the power of marketing. This was an exciting and informative talk from beginning to end… dentists/dental practices deserve to earn a lot of money for their skills and services. Very much enjoyed, thank you.”
Stephanie Sheehan, Nurse, Bedwas.
“Thank you very much for a great presentation delivered with great enthusiasm and conviction. You have given us many tips on marketing to get us noticed and be a cut above the rest. I look forward to getting further advice from your booklet.”
Dr Shahista Erbahim,Partner, London
“I thoroughly enjoyed the lecture. I can’t wait to go back to my practice and tell everyone what I have learnt. I would like to make patient questionnaires and really work hard at new patients through the door. Thanks to Bhavna I think the practice I work in can succeed.”
Nikki Bryant, Nurse, Eastcote
“Bhavna is a natural entrepreneur; she only has to look at what she already does naturally to teach us how to master it. Distilled knowledge and experience, from one of the most successful dentist in the UK. Impressive.”
Leonardo Carbiner, Associate Dentist, Colchester
“The lectures was really fantastic. I would recommend this course to all dentists and dental staff. Thank you very much.”
Dr. Rafik Hebeish
“I found it very informative and will try my best to bring these areas into our practice. Hopefully we will see some changes like these very soon.”
Heidi Bridgeman, Receptionist,Herts
“Dr. Bhavna Doshi was highly informative for all team members. I found it to be very enjoyable listening and following the lectures, as she is very keen on giving as many useful tips and tricks from her experience. I found that she is very passionate for teaching and constant learning.”
Fenan Farid Al-Witri
“Very vivid and enthusiastic insight of Dental Marketing.”
Carster Durstelor, CEO, Berlin, Germany
We started the Dental Wealth Builder programme over a year ago, and I can honestly say that it was the best thing I have ever done to improve my business life. 
I wanted to make my practice more profitable, so I could take more time off, and not have the financial stress every month, so adding another large expense was not a decision I made quickly, but I was convinced when I saw what Rahul and Bhavna have done at The Perfect Smile Studios in Hertford. Their clinic is not on the high street, however they know how to attract new patients, and convert them to sales. What really separated Dental Wealth Builder from other business consultants was the face Rahul is a world renowned cosmetic dentist, and apart from business help, they were able to give sound clinical advice as well. 
I can honestly say that Dental Wealth Builder changed my life, and would highly recommend it as a business consultant service, the way I see it, if you are going to take advice from a business consultant (and there are many to choose from), then I would much rather take it from someone who has actually done what they advice, and understand the real stresses of owning a clinic, and managing a team. 
If you are thinking of business coaching, then this is the only programme you should consider – it will easily pay for itself.
Brilliant all in one course, you teach the skills and how to build a successful clinic. Amazing course- worth double what the fee is!”
Dr. Gurs Sehmi, London
“Wow, I thought my new patient exam was good but Dr.Doshi raised the stakes to completely new levels. This engaging and interesting speaker described how in order to reach a truly informed diagnosis it was necessary to complete numerous checklists detailing everything from the soft tissue status to occlusal analysis. Importantly, the dental nurse should audibly call out each list to the dentist so that the patient will become fully aware of the thoroughness of the examination.”
Philip Lewis, as featured in Dental Practice
“Without a doubt this has been an EXCELLENT learning experience. There is NO MATCH for the live patient hands on way of learning. With Rahul and Bhavna’s patience, diligence, attention to detail and sheer passion, this has been a unique opportunity for me to significantly enhance my skills in a fantastic setting! I will always remember the immense amount of knowledge and confidence I have gained from this course and it will certainly remain a highlight in my career. Thank you.”
Dr. A. Kachhala,  Kenilworth 
“Dr. Bhavna Doshi is an internationally recognized marketing guru, whose ideas are new and innovative. She is one person who will keep you ahead of times and ahead of your competitors. Her very popular resource tool-kits are an amazing addition to any practice that wants to become successful and earn high revenues. Her unique step-by-step formula makes being in business easy. She can help you to grow financially with simple easy to do changes that the entire team can take on board to make you successful. Her “Cost-Effective marketing System for Dentists” is a must have tool for every practice, whatever type of dentistry you enjoy.”
Dr.Wyman Chan, Smile Studios
“I was a little anxious to have coaching because I didn’t want to waste my money. But I now know it was the best thing I ever did. Bhavna has turned around my practice and I have at least tripled my turnover! I can’t believe how easy it was to put things into place. The best bit was definitely team motivation. Bhavna got my team to do everything – I hardly recognize them now! Thanks you Bhavna and Rahul for all your support and help. You said on day 1 that you will treat my practice like it was your own and you delivered on your promise. Thank you so much and I definitely without hesitation recommend your program to anyone!”
Dr. Shah,  Essex
“Words cannot explain the way I feel right now or what dental wealth builder has done for my practice. I am more productive and efficient in my practice than I ever thought possible. But more importantly my team have completely transformed they way they work. They are more happy and committed which means so are my patients. Both Bhavna and Rahul have so much wealth of knowledge its amazing. They have always been there for us and because I can’t bear the thought of not having them as part of my practice, I am also doing their Level 2 program. I can’t get enough! Every time I hear them they set me going with new ideas on how to improve my practice. When I first started I had two main worries- getting a return on my investment and will the team be able to cope with the change. Well I have had a ten-fold return on my investment and they worked so well with my team that the changes were easy. They were easy because they made so much sense to everyone!. All I can say is if you want to take your practice to the next level then this is the answer!!!!”
Dr. S Talati , Coventry
“Clear and impressive explanation; inspiring discussion; lots of helpful tips shared; good lecturer and I think you are a cool mummy for your kids!”
Rogelda V. Dazo, Dental Nurse, London
“Bhavna’s advise and knowledge in marketing was worth its weight in gold and truly recommended to make that difference in attracting that right type of patient. An entertaining delivery! Succinct! And Thorough!”
P.Sanghera, Dental Surgeon, Birmingham
“Powerful presentation, especially deigned for dentists. A lots of practical tips!”
Alexandria Stuben
“Inspirational and enthusiastic speaker! Simple, yet comprehensive content. Bhavna explained everything simply with ‘non – advertising spiel.”
Andrew Martin, Associate Dentist, Bedwas
“An eye-opening presentation and very useful presentation that can enhance and improve any practice working smarter and not harder – surely the recipe for success. Many Thanks”
Dr. Radhika Rikhi, Associate, Middx
“Dr Bhavna Doshi’s lecture was excellent today. She presented herself very well and made everything she talked about very interesting. She taught me a lot on the business side of how a dental practice should be run… I will use what she has taught me to try and better myself and the practice that I work for.”
Natalie Taylor, Dental Nurse/ Bedwas
“Very interesting and informative lecture on marketing dentistry. Bhavna showed enthusiasm in helping others improve their business! Will try to implement the advice given very soon.”
Shamir Shah, Associate, Hemel Hampstead
“I feel blessed to be here. This course has changed my attitude… A very big thank you for opening my eyes in terms of looking at things differently for better results!”
Juliet Muganza
“Dr Doshi’s lecture was really informative and interesting. The knowledge and understanding was presented well.”
Dianne Marsh, Dental Nurse, Wolverhampton
“Though provoking tips, which can be implemented in our practice. These may be minor but significant.”
Dr. Ameet Badiani, Principal, Berks
“Having attended numerous courses on marketing and promotion etc… most have been run off the mill. This lecture was truly eye opening. Many of the concepts were so simple but effective – shame we did not have more time.”
Dr Anand Vadher, Associate, Pinner
“Thank you for your awe inspiring lecture today. I’m Puja Sedani; Secretary of the Young Dentist Group BDA. I think Amit made a great choice by asking you to speak today! Keep on going enlightening our profession! – Especially the young ones!”
Dr Puja Sedani, GDP Associate, Herts
“Dr Bhavna Doshi gave a very interesting lecture. She sparked a lot of thoughts to process and put into practice. I was impressed with the content and format of the lecture.”
Dr Nejal Joshi, Associate, Herts
“Dr Bhavna Doshi’s lecture helped inspire confidence within myself to sell smar dentistry.”
Dr. Rachna Patel, VT, Middx
“Very inspirational lecture. Excellent. Lots of very good advice and tips that we can all incorporate into our everyday practicing lives to improve the way in which we work. Highly recommended. Powerful delivery! Very Inspiring!”
Dr. Amit Soneji, Principal, Stanmore
“Inspiring and motivating. A time eye opener which will make me view dentistry at another level!”
Dr Seema Shah, Associate, Barnet
“A fantastic speaker! Very influential and inspirational, highly recommended. The talk has changed the way I will view marketing!”
Dr Shirin Vakilipour, Associate, West Ealing
“Dear Bhavna, I always fall asleep in lectures! But your sheer enthusiasm and passion for your interest kept me wide-awake! Thanks for all your great tips. Hope you go from strength to strength. Looking forward to seeing you again!.”
Dr Nicola Gore, Principal, Harrow Weald
“Bhavna really does have a wealth of information, tips and strategies to influence a successful practice set up. I have come away with so my ideas to further my career.”
Dr. Mital Patel
“Brilliant, dynamic, intelligent speaker with lots of hot tips.”
Dr N Badiani, Principal, Berks
“A very informative evening. Very useful tips to take back to the practice and try out. The talk and presentation was very enjoyable and easy to follow in simple to understand language. I will look forward to attending further sessions in the future.”
Dr Pejman Khaki, Associate, Harrow
“Bhavna’s clear concise and very motivational talk has completely changed my opinion of ‘selling’ dentistry and has encouraged me to change my way of looking at my profession and has given me the apparatus to have confidence in myself and my dentistry.”
Dr Dimple Shah, Associate, Borehamwood
“Dr Doshi is truly inspirational”
Dr Ziyaad Sujee, Associate, Harrow
“A very informative and entertaining presentation in the area of marketing”
Manjeet Patil, Associate, Hanwell
“Very useful lectures. Giving great targeting to existing ideas in the practice.”
Mr Andy Goldman, Director/Dental Technician, Enfield
“I found the content of the lectures really interesting and informative. They were presented in an interesting way. Dr Doshi came across as very approachable, down to earth and relatable.”
Dr Manisha Pansuria, Associate, Middx

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