The DWB Coaching Program is a high end, high-level program for those that are looking to attain dental business success and growth. But more importantly, it has been created for those that have made a serious decision to level up.


We currently have a 100% success rate with everyone we work with.

Our strategies are uniquely designed to significantly increase your profits if not double or triple them. However, not only this we will also achieve many more personal and business goals as a direct result of the successful working relationship with Dental Wealth Builder.

We offer a very personal service; in that, you get to directly work with Rahul and Bhavna with any time direct access to them.

Many of our clients have gone on to become worldwide speakers, trainers, own multiple practices, involved in other businesses and many more ventures. This is exemplary to the confidence gained as you go through the program.

We feel that working with us opens up a multitude of opportunities as we help you to re-think strategically, develop effective systems and work “on” your business.


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Who is DWB Business Coaching for?

  • Dentists who want to achieve High Performance in their practices.
  • Dentists who want to increase the level of private dentistry carried out in their practice.
  • Dentists that want a team driven practice whereby the sales and marketing is carried out using efficient effective systems that the team are managing.
  • Dentists that want to reduce the overall stress in their business.
  • Dentists who are willing to be coached to achieve success.
  • Dentists who want to avoid years of trial and error in expensive business decisions.
  • Dentists who want to re-think the way they do business.
  • Dentists with big ambitions.
  • Dentists who want to scale and own multiple practices.
  • Dentists who want to level up in business.

We know that within the first six months of the program, your business will gain an instant 20% uplift. This is because our initial priority is developing a good cash flow. We do this by focusing on the 20% of actions that will provide you with the 80% results. This gives you the momentum and drive you need to influence your success.


Book a complimentary call with Bhavna & Rahul and let us help you achieve your Vision with success.

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Our method is providing a transparent, client-focused service for you and we are fully committed to you until your desired results are achieved. Contact Us.


Coaching Testimonials

Dr Andy Denny

Dr Arjun Kachhala

Dr Sanjit Chauhuri

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Dr Jan Eindfelt

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DWB working in close association with The Perfect Smile Advanced Training Institute