Why consider Business Coaching

Overcoming Stagnant Growth

There often comes a point in time whereas a dental business develops you find it increasingly difficult to move ahead and succeed in your practice.

The complexities of dealing with multiple challenges, responsibilities and everyday obstacles that arise can often become overwhelming and obscure your path to success. You may find that you are buried under countless details, demands and activities that drain your energy and destroy your confidence and creativity. It becomes increasingly difficult to pay attention to your future vision and do what is needed to grow your practice confidently and productively. This can lead to eventual stress, burnout and frustration.

At Dental Wealth Builder, we help dentists to develop entrepreneurial thinking and mindset to re-evaluate and refocus on business essentials. This will enable you to develop and achieve success both professionally and personally, whilst experiencing ever-greater levels of energy, enjoyment and satisfaction in your life.

The coaching provides training for the entire dental team which include the Practice Owner, Practice Manager, Business Manager, Treatment Coordinator, the Reception Team and the Dental Care Professionals.

How a business coach can help you?

  • A coach helps you to strategically achieve success faster than you would otherwise. The main reason to have a coach is ‘speed of growth’ in achieving your Vision. They help you to get clear about your business objectives and goals.

  • A coach has much experience and hence can provide you with multiple solutions to your challenges. It may be ideas and concepts you may not have thought about before.

  • A coach’s business is to interact with the profession in a way that keeps them current. Thus, a coach can keep you at the forefront of innovation in both ideology

  • A good coach will equip you with all the skills necessary to ultimately thrive and sustain business success on your own.

  • A coach helps you to gain a competitive advantage.

  • A coach’s job is problem-solving and forming a strategy to allow you to achieve your goals. They are good at identifying the holes and blind spots in your business and how to strategize to either fill them in or to leverage them.

  • A coach prevents you from wasting your resources – “time” being the most important one. Instead, a coach’s job is to help you maximise the returns you get from your limited resources.

  • A coach helps you to realize your own potential. A coach enables you to reach levels of performance that you otherwise wouldn’t have on your own.

  • A coach provides you with structure, accountability and a plan of action. A coach gives you confidence.

  • A coach provides a sounding board for brainstorming your ideas.

  • A coach facilitates and empowers your leadership potential. They help you to develop a positive forward-thinking culture in your team. They also help you to develop the skills necessary to build an effective team that propels business to success.

  • Get a return on your investment multi-fold by leveraging your coach. A coach has an exponential impact on your financial performance by keeping you focused on the right systems.

  • A good coach will make you feel fulfilled and happy about the work you do. They will help to establish a clear focus, align your values and create professional satisfaction

  • A coach helps you to maximize on your strengths and turn your weaknesses into opportunities.

  • A coach forms part of your mastermind in higher thinking.

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Some of the dentists Rahul and Bhavna have trained include

Sam Jethwa,  Gurs Sehmi,  Rhona Eskander,  Andy Denny,  Jan Einfeld,  Avinash Sachdev,  Philip McCauley,  Ali Rifai,

Coaching works

“Although it is important to get a business coach earlier on in your business career and there are numerous benefits, it may not be an easy task. There are now so many companies that claim to be able to help you in various ways.”

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