“The Transformational Leadership program, is the first of its kind, where the theory is fortified by the practical realistic ability to implement and integrate these concepts into your own practice. We have personally used all these ideas in our own practices and have proven them to work time and time again. We know these strategies to work in any type of practice and in all businesses and for any type of leader.”

Bhavna & Rahul



Transformation Levels

As you progress through the program you will achieve different status levels that include: Basic, Intermediate, Practitioner, Advanced, Motivational, Inspirational, Master & Transformational Leader.

Each level marks your accomplishment and capabilities on your journey to becoming a Transformational Leader.

Module Videos

These have been cut into bitesize content allowing you to develop consistency of learning.

To get the best out of the program, and to build upon a foundation of knowledge, we recommend that you follow each module in the order that it was intended.

However, you will always have the ability to go back for revision or actioning of any component.

“Action Plan” Videos

These show you exactly what you should be doing after each module and how to get the best out of each part.

They are a summary of the workbooks provided.

Workbooks associated with each module

Every module is associated with an Action Plan Workbook.

These workbooks contain exactly what you need to take the appropriate actions for that specific module.

You will also have questions to check your understanding as you progress through the module.

This is so that you do not miss anything vitally important to your accelerated growth.

All the tools and forms will be provided

Highly detailed Pro-forma and various implementation tools accompany each module.

These have been specifically designed by Dr Doshi and used in a practical way in their own businesses.

You will be shown exactly when and where to use each one to accelerate your results.

Every tool and Pro-forma discussed in detail in the program module will be provided in this workbook.

Many leadership courses fall short here, they provide the information but not how to action them or realistically use these ideas within your practice.

We have designed this program in a way that you can easily implement and integrate important strategies within your practice, ultimately, helping you to achieve the success you desired.

All the thinking and planning is done for you!

This program has been designed with the practising business owner in mind.

We have personally used these tools and they have been proven to be instrumental in achieving success.

These tools facilitate the actioning of the concepts discussed in the module.

They will help you to easily implement and integrate important strategies within your practice.

12-month access to the entire program

This gives you plenty of time to act and refers back to any specific modules of interest.

CPD Certification

The program will award xx CPD hours meeting the criteria for Enhanced GDC Learning Outcomes A, B & D.


  • A 30 Minute Leadership Coaching Call: These calls are conducted by either Bhavna or Rahul personally. Here they can help you to overcome any immediate challenges or help you to implement any of the ideas in the program.
  • Audio Recording of all modules.
  • Monthly Q & A Sessions: These are held in small group sessions by either Bhavna or Rahul. Many practitioners have found these very useful as they have progressed through the program. Usually, topics are dependent upon the specific challenges of the business owners. However, they also include updated new information keeping the program current.
  • Book recommendations: Each module has a curated list of recommended books to read.
  • Access to the Private DWB Coaching Client Blogs: You will get a free access passcode to all the detailed coaching blogs personally written by Bhavna And Rahul that is usually only accessible by their top-level clients. They are part of an online support package provided to all private coaching clients only.
  • Periodic Update Emails: These will help you to stay on track and provide updated information.


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