Innovative Dentistry Within Your Reach

Innovative Dentistry Within Your Reach

Dr Rahul Doshi, President of the BACD

With the increased demand for cosmetic dentistry, practitioners are being continuously challenged to develop more effective solutions that meet the expectations of today’s patients.

Cosmetic dentistry no longer focuses simply on producing a bright, white smile, but delivering highly natural outcomes, which ultimately involves looking at the whole mouth to achieve stable dental function and superior aesthetics.

Over the last few years, treatment processes have improved with more innovative tools at a dentist’s disposal, enhancing the overall patient experience.

There are some key areas that have been totally transformed in order to refine the standard of dental care now available.

Treatment planning

Technology has enabled more efficient planning of dental treatment.

Dentists can now use the latest software to design highly accurate restorations (e.g. dental crowns) in a predictable way.

Digital systems and virtual reality technology can be used to scan a patient’s mouth and create a simulation of what a patient’s smile could look like after the procedure before treatment even begins.

With digital scanning and 3D printing technology now at the forefront of many professions – including dentistry – practitioners can produce 3D models to show patients what results could be achieved through treatment.

Consequently, people are not only able to better understand their oral health but are also becoming more engaged with the treatment process, thus fostering more positive patient – practitioner relationships.

Intuitive computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) systems support the delivery of various solutions.

These can be designed and made in practice, meaning patients no longer have to wait weeks at a time to obtain a crown, veneers, implants, or clear aligner type braces.

Thus, achieving “a smile in a day” has become a reality, but for patients to truly benefit from beautiful, long-lasting restorations, it is important that they do their research and seek out the services of a highly skilled and experienced cosmetic dentist.

The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) is renowned as a world-leading authority within the dental profession. The President of the BACD, Dr Rahul Doshi, shares his insights on the recent advances in cosmetic and implant dentistry.

About the Author

Dr Rahul Doshi graduated as a dentist in 1991 and has since been dedicated to expanding his knowledge and sharing his passion for various aspects of modern dentistry.

He was the Clinical Editor of the Premium Practice Dentistry (PPD) dental publication and has dedicated much of his time to lecturing both in the UK and abroad, helping other practitioners enhance their skillset and broaden their knowledge in functional and cosmetic dentistry.

Having been commended for his Outstanding Contribution to Cosmetic Dentistry at the Aesthetic Dentistry Awards in 2017, Dr Doshi is proud to have been elected as the new President for the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, as of November 2018.

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