DWB Courses for Practice Owners

Elevate Yourself, Your Team and Your Practice

High Performance Coaching

A business coach is the most effective way for your practice nto achieve sustainable growth. We help advice changes to team motivation, systems, communication, sales and marketing process and the practice. A key benefit is having someone who helps you to see your strengths and weaknesses and uses them to accomplish your goals, success and vision.

Increasing Case Acceptances

We have developed a unique 3- Step Ethical Case Assessment Process that helps you to achieve your productivity goals as well as the dental goals of your patients. The course with proven and tested step by step details.

High ROI Marketing

Marketing is the dynamic process of helping patients find treatment options of value which they are happy to pay for and refer others to. The course will rapidly accelerate your practice success and practice growth.

Transformational Leadership

Leadership is the art of helping your team reach their best potential. This course shows how to create your ideal team that is committed, works autonomously towards a shared purpose of practice success