Strategic Fundamentals for a Successful Dental Practice

DWB delivered bespoke coaching sessions to the clients of Corona, a dental supply company that provides marketing solutions for dental practices. This was delivered by a series of online webinars, delivered in 4 parts, with the ability for questions asked by the attendees and to be answered in detail by Dr Bhavna Doshi. The webinar series was suitable for owners of dental practices that offered private dentistry.


Part 1 – Putting together the Fundamentals of a Successful Practice

  • Overcome obstacles to success
  • Develop your ideal practice
  • Discover how to action and implement these profitable strategies in your practice in a manageable manner for the busy dentist and the team.
  • Create a successful practice and stand out from the crowd
  • Which core areas of your practice can considerably increase its value?
  • Understand the main Growth Systems for Your Practice
  • Learn how to implement and action strategies easily and in a manageable manner
  • Develop entrepreneurial thinking in dentistry
  • Know the key areas of the business of dentistry to focus on


Part 2 – How to Motivate and Inspire Your Team with Transformational Leadership

  • Step up to the next level of success with a united and cohesive team.
  • Learn how to nurture, encourage and grow your team into a productive group of individuals that can take their own initiative and are leaders within their own rights.
  • Nurture an empowered, enthusiastic and motivated Team
  • Help your team to work autonomously independent of your presence but still remain under your leadership and guidance
  • Discover how to prioritise teamwork for team growth and hence practice growth.
  • Inspire your team with the correct values to establish a growth culture
  • Learn how to reduce overall stress for everyone on the team.


Part 3 – How to Achieve Cost-Effective Marketing for Greater Returns

  • Learn the focus areas to help give you a Return on your Marketing Investment
  • Discover how to attract the right calibre of patients to your practice
  • Discover how to choose the correct promotional media for you.
  • Understand how to develop your personalised Marketing Objectives
  • Discover ways of growing your practice from within.
  • Find out how to avoid throwing money away at the wrong marketing
  • Discover the most cost-effective ways of marketing that bring about targeted returns.


Part 4 – Fundamentals of ethical selling with integrity

  • Create a patient journey to enhance the value of your patient experience
  • Steps towards a proven systematic strategic communication process
  • Learn about the most important communication skills for your team
  • The correct integration of a Treatment Coordinator
  • Effectively presenting treatment plans
  • Increasing your Case Acceptances

How to beat your Competition

Creating Treatments Plans that Patients Value

Marketing is Dynamic

Team Driven Success

Leading your Team

Listen to the Success Stories of our Coaching Clients

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We help various types of businesses help within the dental sector, whether they be dental suppliers, dental corporates or dental practices. To find out more about our business coaching or practice coaching, please click here.

Dentists Rahul and Bhavna have trained include

Sam Jethwa,  Gurs Sehmi,  Rhona Eskander,  Andy Denny,  Jan Einfeld,  Avinash Sachdev,  Philip McCauley,  Ali Rifai,

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