Dr’s Bhavna and Rahul have been involved with Dentex in a variety of ways.

Their involvement started as becoming Regional Partners, Rahul Doshi becoming the Clinical Director, delivering online training via webinars and providing Communication Training and Development.

Regional Partners

Rahul and Bhavna were some of the founding dentists of Dentex and joined as Regional Partners.

Please find some articles explaining the early co-ownership model and their story.

Dentex Co-ownership model for dentists 

Rahul Doshi case study as a Dentex Partner

Dentex Vision

Webinar Delivered by Dr Bhavna Doshi, and hosted by Dr Rahul Doshi

Dental Coach Bhavna has taught dental teams, including nurses, receptionists, TCO and dentists, about creating a Patient and Communication Journey for patients. Bhavna has also provided webinars and coaching to individual dentists within Dentex. Rahul has provided webinars on creating exceptional transitional restorations.

Bhavna has provided Communication Coaching and Mentoring to Dentex Practices through Masterclasses, Workshops, Online Training and Monthly Calls. Multi-faceted coaching allows for information to be delivered in various ways, allowing for optimal learning, understanding and implementation. The details and the solidifying of the knowledge and skills to increase t the programme progresses and also from role play and mentoring.

The Communication Masterclasses have been specifically designed to increase in complexity as dentists, and team members advance from one to the next. This made it easier for delegates to learn and understand how to integrate the communication journey into their practice and role. The coaching started with providing foundational knowledge to provide more sophisticated language skills and techniques.

DWB Masterclass Outline

Masterclass 1

This seminar is about establishing a Sales Process and designing a Communication Journey for patients. We will break down the entire journey into its most minor components, allowing you to build trust and value for your patients. We will start with the techniques and tools needed for impactful Foundational Verbal Skills and explore Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication techniques. We will then elaborate on these in subsequent Masterclasses to elevate them into advanced communication. We will also be reiterating creating the Vision for your practice and looking at how you can differentiate your practice from others.

Masterclass 2

In this seminar, we will elaborate on the Foundational Verbal Skills & techniques learnt in Masterclass 1 with Roleplay. We will also go over how to communicate various types of clinical cases. This masterclass will include much roleplay integrating all the pre-preparatory work to pre-engage patients.

Masterclass 3

In this seminar, we break down the Clinical Examination and Case Presentation part of the Sales Process to better interact, engage and co-discover with patients. Thereafter, we will discuss the Treatment Coordinator Role and how to integrate it into the practice regardless of whether you have a specific role carved out or not. We will also go through Diary Management and Diary Zoning to optimise appointment diaries.

Masterclass 4

In this final seminar, we will put all the ideas together so that you can see the entire Patient Journey and Communication Process. There will also be the introduction of advanced communication skills mitigating cost barriers and finance negotiation. We will cover Reviews, Internal Marketing and other associated sales tools to enhance communication.

Dentex Conference

Dr Rahul Doshi is the Clinical Director at Dentex and was honoured to help moderate Dentex Conferences to date.

They have been attended by Dentex Partners, dentists, business development managers, nurses, reception team, practice managers and the variety of coordinators that work in a dental practice.

Listen to the Success Stories of our Coaching Clients

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We help various types of businesses help within the dental sector, whether they be dental suppliers, dental corporates or dental practices. To find out more about our business coaching or practice coaching, please click here.

Dentists Rahul and Bhavna have trained include

Sam Jethwa,  Gurs Sehmi,  Rhona Eskander,  Andy Denny,  Jan Einfeld,  Avinash Sachdev,  Philip McCauley,  Ali Rifai,

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