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High-Level Patient Communication for Greater Case Acceptance

Optident arranged training programmes to be delivered to Private dentists by business coaches, Dr’sRahul and Bhavna Doshi,  in London and Manchester. This course was designed to help aspiring dentists who want to increase private dental work & master the art of communicating treatment plans at a high level.

The training helped the delegates to develop a value-based mindset, the desire to deliver high-quality private dentistry, and preferably have a supportive team that would like to reach the same goals.


  • Convert from NHS to Private
  • Increase the number of cosmetic & implant cases treated
  • Achieve financial success with proven strategic systems
  • Effectively present treatment plans for greater uptake
  • Develop your own Communication Sales Journey
  • Learn powerful new patient consultation techniques
  • Advanced sales communication skills
  • Learn the correct verbal skills for the appropriate patients
  • Do more of the dentistry you love

Optident delivers clinical training courses to dentists. Most often, the dentists that were trained on courses by Optident were rarely able to gain practice in the newfound skill or technique and use the new material or equipment purchased as the dentists. This was often because the dentist lacked suitable communication skills or confidence to present the ideal and ethical treatment plan that the patient should receive. The objective of the course delivered by Rahul and Bhavna was to use the new-found knowledge, skill and technique in delivering better patient care, thus gaining more experience and confidence in the new techniques, facilitating better patient care and personal growth for the dentist.

Bhavna has provided well-received sales training to the Optident Telesales team.

The topics covered included:

The Psychology of Sales

Communication skills

Understanding Personalities highlighted by the DISC system

Listening Skills

Building Trust

Creating Value

Understanding the difference between “Want” and “Need”

Knowing the USP for the variety of materials being sold

How to bypass the gatekeeper when contacting a dental practice.

Telephone role-play during the training helped solidify the information shared. This allowed for easier implementation of the new learned skills and increased sales for Optident.

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We help various types of businesses help within the dental sector, whether they be dental suppliers, dental corporates or dental practices. To find out more about our business coaching or practice coaching, please click here.

Dentists Rahul and Bhavna have trained include

Sam Jethwa,  Gurs Sehmi,  Rhona Eskander,  Andy Denny,  Jan Einfeld,  Avinash Sachdev,  Philip McCauley,  Ali Rifai,

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