Critical success factors & insights for a DSO

Dr Rahul Doshi delivered a lecture In Istanbul on the topic of Critical success factors & insights for a DSO. In Turkey, the DSO concept is still new, and the DSOs are small, from 4 dental clinics up to usually 20 clinics. The lecture answered the below questions and provided information on the following:

  • How did you grow your business? Key success stories, real examples and statistics to show how it worked.
  • Your turning points, your key pain points, how did you address those?
  • How did you manage the dentists? It’s the hottest topic for them at present; maybe you also know how other DSOs are doing it as well; they are trying to decide if they go for a salaried model or a self-employed model. At present, it’s a mixture of both, and they are unsure if there is a model that does really work and is interested in learning it.

The following DSO Advantages were also discussed.

  • Access to the latest technology and modern (immediate) treatment concepts
  • Marketing power
  • Multi-speciality offering “one-stop-shop”
  • Highly trained staff
  • Comprehensive service
  • Competitive and predictable prices
  • Financing options and warranties
  • Accessibility (cross-regional coverage, online scheduling, weekend availability)

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Dentists Rahul and Bhavna have trained include

Sam Jethwa,  Gurs Sehmi,  Rhona Eskander,  Andy Denny,  Jan Einfeld,  Avinash Sachdev,  Philip McCauley,  Ali Rifai,

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