In the DWB Coaching Program, “Sales” is a term used to describe a systematic approach whereby you can achieve consistency of case acceptances.

Our unique sales protocols will enable you to develop your own Sales Process that is independent of any one team member, yet will develop the brand value perception you wish to your patients. This way you can be assured that your patients are more likely to accept any recommended treatment plans based upon your guidance.

86% of patients are willing to pay proposed treatment options if customers  experience has been excellent

Our workshops include enhancing

Communication Skills, Telephone Training,

Treatment Coordinator Mentoring

Creating a Communication and Patient Journey

Training and how to carry out a comprehensive examination of your patients in a way that encourages patient engagement.

We also facilitate improved customer service. These sales protocols have a direct impact on increasing your bottom line.

“We have developed a unique and highly successful Case Acceptance Process, through tried and tested strategies that
have been proven to work for over 20 years.”

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