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“Excellent well structured course, right balance of practical and theory. I left feeling confident to commence a Smile Design from start to finish” Dr G.M. Lowry-Carter, Dorset

The Ultimate Interdisciplinary & Comprehensive 7 Day LIVE Hands-on Course (60 hours CPD)


The Goal is to provide an advanced educational experience for the dentist who desires to treat more complex and comprehensive restorative cases. Attendees will learn how to achieve the ultimate in beauty and function.

This Course will change your lives and that of your patients too!

This Course is strictly limited to a maximum of 8 dentists to ensure the highest quality
of personal tuition.

Day 1: Case Set Up – Theory & Planning

  • Complete examination and diagnosis of a patient utilising several diagnostic recording and evaluation tools
  • Smile Analysis: Advanced Detailed Assessment and Diagnosis
  • Phased sequencing and planning of the comprehensive case
  • Assessment and planning of Advanced Smile Makeover cases e.g. involving wear, TMJ pain etc
  • Understanding advanced preparation techniques for Smile Design Dentistry
  • Learning the correct preparation design, occlusal planning and soft tissue management of Advanced Cases
  • Making and fitting a deprogramming device for your patient to help relax the facial muscles so that an accurate diagnostic centric relation record can be taken

Day 2: Advanced Case Set Up – Hands-On Record Pre-Treatment Records

  • Learn to create accurate and detailed pre-treatment records
  • Diagnostic mock ups using composite to simulate the new smile and aid increased accuracy of wax ups
  •  Taking of accurate silicone impressions
  •  Facebow record, Stickbite record, Bite in centric relation
  •  Digital photographs and measurements (to 0.01mm accuracy level!) of the mock ups

Day 3 Smile Design Principles and Treatment Planning

  • Correct Assessment and Visualisation of Smile Design principles
  • Understanding preparation techniques for Adhesive Dentistry including crowns, veneers and onlays
  • Important occusal principles in Smile Design
  • Selecting and using the correct burs for teeth preparation
  • Utilisation of diagnostic wax ups to achieve an aesthetic and functionally correct “trial smile”
  • Understanding gingival biotype and the biologic width
  • The use of lasers (soft and hard tissue) to enhance the gingival outlines
  • Correct impression taking for predictability and accuracy
  • Creating the ultimate temporaries to “WOW” the patient
  • Choosing the correct ceramic material for each case
  • Assessment and planning typical Smile Makeover cases e.g. crowding, tetracycline and diastema closure

Day 4 & 5 Hands-On Preparation of 8-10 porcelain restorations and Practice Management

  • The comprehensive hands on patient treatment session treating your own case (up to 10 anterior units)
  • Each dentist will benefit from personal, detailed instruction for their own case by Dr Doshi. You will also help to diagnose the cases of other dentists
  • A full Team program with business and clinical Team training
  • Learn excellent clinical tips drawn from the Instructors’ wealth of experience
  • Breakout sessions on communication and business management concepts
  • Photography: Simple steps to get fantastic photographs every time (learn how a complex digital SLR camera can become easy to use)
  • Learn how create a PowerPoint presentation
  • Marketing tips from Dr Bhavna Doshi who has a special interest in Marketing, Practice Growth and Profitability

Day 6 Cementation, Anterior and Posterior Composite Restoration

  • Learn stress free cementation of multiple veneers
  • Choosing the correct cement resin for each type of restoration; the mystery of bonding clarified!
  • Understanding the elements of occlusion, which are the key to long-term success. Learn amazing techniques with different grades of articulating paper to make your adjustments precise and very controlled (i.e. not just “chasing the blue marks”)
  • Correct shade taking
  • Correct preparation techniques
  • Polychromatic natural analogue build-up
  • Individualise composite restorations
  • Metal, Composite and Ceramic primers
  • Finishing and polishing techniques
  • Adhesion and luting systems
  • Hands On Build-up (on models): Class IV, composite veneer, Class II

Day 7 Hands-On Cementation of multiple porcelain restorations

  • Seat the final restorations on your patients and watch the magic unveil!
  • This is one of the most positive experiences in the entire Course – an opportunity to sit down as dentists with Dr Rahul and Dr Bhavna Doshi and share with them your concerns in General Practice. Their experience and inspiration will be of great benefit



Course Fees

£5,927 +VAT (includes one Team member FREE OF CHARGE) plus only half laboratory fees for treating a patient on the Hands-on Course.

£2,250 +VAT the Course fee for a Dentist Observer (i.e. not treating a patient)

£215 +VAT per day for an additional team member

PLUS! Receive these FREE bonus items worth £1,210 for booking early:

  • FREE Systems Information folder & Course Presentation Notes Value £500
  • FREE CD ROM of before & after photographs of all patients treated on the Course to help market to your patients Value £400
  • A handout and CD ROM showing how to increase cosmetic dentistry in your Practice Value £100
  • THREE FREE CD ROM interviews of Success Filled Strategies and Action Points Value £70 per CD. Total BONUS of £210.00
  • FREE Treatment Planning and Case Review of any 2 cases during or after the Course Value = total of 2 Case Acceptances when patients decide to go ahead with the recommended treatment

Course Dates

By Appointment Only

For more information

Call 07956 676 595 or 01992 585735



This course is run in partnership with
The Perfect Smile Studios & Advanced Training Institute
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