In Partnership with Dentex

Growing Your Business Together

We found that we have a shared philosophy with Dentex, where we both believe in growing your businesses together. This is an ideology that is sewn throughout the fabric of the Dental Wealth Builder Coaching Programs. We work together with our coaching clients using a personalised approach to achieve their vision and future goals.

Although Dentex is a corporate, unlike many others, it operates a true partnership, collaborating in the growth of our practices. Hence, we decided to join Dentex and become Regional Partners. This allowed us the freedom to focus on those aspects of the dental practice where our true passion lied which was in gaining case acceptance, marketing and the business of dentistry. Dentex meanwhile facilitated this by helpful resources in the operations department such as Finance, CQC and HR.


As a direct consequence of our collaborative partnership with Dentex, we were able to devote more time and resource to growth, profitability and a more fulfilled working life.

Over the course of the first three years we accumulated partnerships in over ten practices. This further contributed to our knowledge and experience of how to run a successful group of practices.


As a natural progression and due to the huge amount of clinical and business experience, we are proud to announce that Dr. Rahul Doshi has been appointed Clinical Strategy Development Director of Dentex. His role enables Dentex to strategically help all its practices whilst in the growth phase of the organisation.


Over the last 25 years we have now accumulated business knowledge of:

  • Converting NHS to private practice
  • Increasing private dentistry
  • Establishing and management of a private practice for growth
  • Management of a group of practices for profitability
  • Increasing EBITDA for a higher exit value

We have been able to do this using our core fundamentals of practice growth and success, using proven, time tested strategies.