“Leadership is the art of helping people reach their best potential as leaders in their own lives; whilst nurturing a committed group that will work cohesively towards a shared purpose.” Bhavna

When you buy practices, are they left without leadership?

More often than not, when a practice owner sells their practice, it leaves the business without the leadership of any kind.

When you are purchasing multiple practices, the practice becomes overly reliant on the Practice Manager (and in some cases no one person).

Practitioners that sell their practice to brand groups often become disinterested in the daily running of the business.

This leaves the team without a leader and so they turn to the Practice Manager.

More often than not, Practice Managers are best in the operational systems and not in the growth mechanisms of the business.

Invariably, practice managers do not have the training, understanding or tools of Transformational Leadership.

This causes much chaos as there is no one person to guide the team and direct them correctly on a daily basis.

Area Managers are put into positions to overlook a group of practices.

However, their roles are often broad, and metric-based.

They are far removed from the daily functioning of the business and cannot give the detailed individual attention to each practice on a daily basis.

Practices without leadership lose momentum for growth:

Without correct daily leadership, the aim and momentum needed to achieve the brand vision become diluted over time.

You can have amazing strategies but without the “buy-in” of the team, you won’t be able to develop the culture you need to action your strategies.

Hence, you will not be able to grow as fast as you need to.

This requires daily personal interactions of a leader to actualise

There is a great saying in business “Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast!”

The very identity of what makes the practice great is lost as the team culture deteriorates.

This requires leadership work and constant practice, without which it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain an engaged committed team.

When no one is responsible for maintaining the values that are the essence of the team culture, these break down and are eventually lost.

Values are the “rules of behaviour” with which the vision can be achieved.

When the team values dissipate so does the vision.

The fine details and personalisation that make up the practice ethos are often lost without a strong leader.

This is because a leadership style brings grounding and unity to the team.

This in turn generates the autonomous momentum needed for practice success.

Processes such as internal marketing, patient journeys, enhanced patient experience, communication skills, and other growth practice systems become diminished in priority.

Often operational strategies introduced at senior management level take priority.

This leads to less patient case acceptances with drastic reductions in revenues and the difficulty of maintaining high production.

For practice success leadership is required for both operational and growth systems.

Often very important, but subtle decisions or actions made at the senior management level never really get implemented at a practice level.

Why? Because smaller decisions require personal explanations and daily facilitation to action.

When communications are lost or not maintained, the team become disenfranchised from working within corporates or brand groups.

Practice growth potential reduces with a disengaged, disinterested and lacklustre team that has minimal daily leadership.

There is often more troubleshooting required and reduced overall performance due to lack of accountability and responsibility.

As a result, this creates much frustration and takes immense work at senior management level to correct.

The Key to Multi-Practice Success…

Practice Managers and/or Lead Dentists, can become strong leaders that are able to transform the team, the practice and the brand Vision.

Managing the team in uncertain changing times, is a leadership role and requires considerable sensitivity if it is to gain momentum and sustain confidence.

This requires clear and unambiguous communication which may take time but will be considerably beneficial in the long run.

A well informed and trained team will support your business with proper coordination and informational support for your patients.

This in turn will help your patients to continue doing business with you.

Overcome Multi-Practice Business Challenges

We have taken the very best of Transformational Leadership styles and applied it to dentistry.

Having amalgamated our combined 25 years of dental experience and knowledge of optimal team performance, we can now show you how easy it is to integrate this into your own group of practices.

  • Eliminate costly mistakes
  • Reduce all round team stress
  • Develop co-ownership with the team
  • Prevent costly reactive behaviours
  • Prevent procrastination and get things done
  • Have an engaged committed team

For the first time ever…

we are now sharing our unique methods with you in the most comprehensive holistic online Leadership program on the market!

It’s not just about motivation, it’s about transforming your practices, your teams and your productivity to realise your brand vision.

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We are now sharing our unique methods with you in the most comprehensive online Leadership program on the market!

It’s not just about motivation, it’s about transforming your practices, your teams and your productivity to realise your brand vision.


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