Proven Growth Strategies For a Successful Practice


Both Dr. Rahul Doshi and Dr. Bhavna Doshi have together accumulated a wealth of experience and expertise through their work in the dental profession. This has elected them to be Private Dentistry Award Judges and Dr. Rahul Doshi is respected for his clinical directorship at the prestigious dental publication Premium Practice Dentistry.


They are recognized eminent leaders and have helped multiple practices to achieve profitable success through both clinical and practice management solutions. They have been teaching worldwide as international professional speakers and have now trained over 7000 dentists at The Perfect Smile Advanced Training Institute. They have also trained multiple business consultants which now help to spread their teaching.

Tried, Tested and Proven Solutions

All the success strategies have been tried, tested and proven to work by implementation in their own practices first. Not only this, these solutions have been proven to work in multiple practices that they have coached and mentored. This means that you can be assured that their advice works!

Team Driven Practice

All DWB strategies are focused around a Team Driven Practice. This is where most of the systems and processes are initiated and accomplished by the team. Dr. Bhavna Doshi operates Team Motivation Workshops to help master this.

Shape Your Future



Our Mission

“To restore work/life balance and reduce stress by enhancing the business acumen of dental professionals.”

It takes a great deal of hard work, dedication, time and expense to become a dental professional. I think it is a terrible shame to know that so many dentists suffer in many different ways after having qualified. Most of the detrimental effects are often due to lack of business entrepreneurship and leadership. This can lead to frustration, stress and unhappiness, which in turn upsets your work/life balance. This is no way to live a rich and fulfilled life.

“The greatest tragedy in life is not to die; but to live as if you are dead and let the life within us wither.”

I have set up DWB so that I can help dentists and dental professionals lead a more fulfilled and rewarding life by creating a balanced harmonious approach to business and personal circumstances.

We aim to take the STRESS out of dentistry and make running a dental practice smooth, simple, predictable and profitable. But more importantly we want to re-inject the fun, passion and camaraderie in the dental team.

We offer unique strategies to re-establish a win-win-win situation between you, your team and your patients. We can help you via a number of different ways: personalized consulting, seminars, training workshops or bespoke business coaching.

How we are different…

We aim to not only teach business strategy but also help you integrate these proven and realistic ideas into your specific business to establish a flourishing and profitable practice. We are confident that we can help you to realize your dreams.

Our promise to you…

We hope that if we have the opportunity and honour of serving you, we will do so to the best of our abilities. You will find that we are both honest and transparent, and provide you with accurate and predictable solutions to your concerns, needs and requirements. These core values dictate how we achieve and make a significant difference to your business and personal life.

We wish you every happiness and success,

Bhavna & Rahul


“DWB understands the concepts of business as applied to dentistry. Their ideas are innovative and exciting in today’s financial environment… They specifically design marketing strategies that are cost-effective for dentists and hence, bridges the gap between clinical dentistry and creating the demand for our services. DWB makes practice management, team building and increasing your profits easier to implement, than many others.”

Dr. Amarjit Gill, President BDA

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