Recently, I attended a webinar by Dr Allen Zimbler, who used to be Chief Integrating Officer at Investec plc and is now retired.

He has helped Dentex identify its Values and Vision. He came up with some interesting points which I would like to share with you. His views resonated with mine.

So, it’s very clear to us all that we are now in the midst of a crisis.  However, this, like everything else in time, will pass…and change. Life will go on. Albeit not as you have known before.

But, if we have been given this chance, then we should see it as an opportunity and take advantage of it to strengthen ourselves, to make ourselves better.

How often does life give us this chance?  This pause to think – about what we would like to do and change. What is working? And what isn’t?

It would be a terrible waste if we didn’t grow in some way – grow in understanding, knowledge or in our relationships.

Ask yourself: What opportunities can I take right now to ignite my passion once again?

Perhaps, you can believe in a greater purpose? Surely, this is your Vision?!

The more we focus on our vision, the less the present becomes crippling or incapacitating.

Some of you have been working on your Vision, Mission & Values.

This is the time to remind your team of those things that you discussed together.

Your mission and values on how you are going to achieve your vision become very important right now. It is these things that are going to keep you all together and gelled.

It is your values that create your team culture. What are they? And are you all now practising them in this Covid situation?

Are you reminding your team of them when you are having a conversation with them?

When you lead a team meeting, this is when you need to be bringing into your conversations your practice values. Give your Values the momentum they deserve.


On another point, is your Vision strong enough to keep your team motivated during this crisis?

If not, then you need to make it stronger – so that you and your team never falter again. This is an excellent check on whether you have a strong enough Vision or not. It is a STRONG VISION that will keep you all united in a crisis.

Meetings should cover (or remind everyone) 1 or 2 Values each time to home them. It would help if you discussed them and what it means to everyone. Remember, it’s about how you all behave as a team that counts.

It’s your job as a leader to keep your team FOCUSED on the values you all decided on in the first place. The values with which you were going to do business.

Culture Is Stronger Than Strategy

You can have excellent strategies, but without the “buy-in” of the team, you won’t be able to develop the culture you need to action your strategies. Hence, you will not be able to grow as fast as you need to.

Most people do the exercise to create their Vision but then don’t work on the values consistently. It takes work! And someone has to remind the team of the Vision & Values constantly.

Values are how you build relationships. We have to work hard on relationships. Eventually, the work will pay off. You will know this because everyone will be working together as a team.

Take the current crises: how you all will work together as a team will govern how successfully you come out of this.

The way you work as a team depends upon your Values as a Team. This, in turn, develops your Team Culture.

Keep well and stay safe (I feel like Spock in Star Trek when I say this…Live Long and Prosper, LOL!)



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