Debunking 10 Leadership Myths

Photo of Bhavna and Rahul Doshi Speaking on Leadership

Many myths associated with leadership permeate our thinking and prevent many practice owners from getting the results they want. As a direct consequence of this unrealistic logic, dentists fail to motivate and inspire their teams despite putting much effort into this endeavour.

Many tend to have erroneous perceptions of what […]

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10 Ways to Hire the Right People

One of the most fundamental jobs a leader will ever do is to develop the right culture within their practice or organisation. The correct culture with the right values will inevitably drive the business forward to realise its Vision.

Edgar Henry Schein, a former professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management, said,

Leadership is the Management of Culture”.

If you get this critical role right by […]

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Cost of Hiring a New Employee

The Cost of Hiring a New Employee vs. Training an Existing Practice Team Member

The talent shortage in dentistry is the biggest challenge faced by dental practices today. In a recent poll of practice owners, 63% of respondents said they are unable to find enough qualified candidates to fill open positions, and 26% anticipate this to become a larger problem in the coming years.  In the face of this […]

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Let New Patients Rain on You

To attract more new patients or to motivate existing ones to commence with treatment, you need to either become a rainmaker or acquire one. A rainmaker brings more business to any organisation and provides the opportunity to increase their income. They make patients rain on you!

They come in many guises, including the principal, the manager, the nurse, and the entire team. And be under no […]


Recipe for Success

Most dentists want a successful, thriving and profitable dental practice. But we all know that there are not enough of them around. The problem lies in the fact that when you feel like things are going your way, suddenly you face difficulties of more than one nature. Suddenly the number of new patients entering your door reduces, or patients fail to continue with your

Habits of the Wealthy

  £ The POWER of Compounding £ 


A Grain of Rice 

The daughter of the Chinese Emperor was ill, and he promised riches beyond compare to whoever could cure her. A young peasant named Pong Lo entered the palace. With his wit and bravery, he restored the Princess’ health and won her heart. As his reward, Pong […]

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Overcome Your Biggest Dental Challenges

The Biggest Challenges Facing Dental Businesses

Sometimes, as you go through business life, you face certain challenges that you were not prepared for or had anticipated in any way.

These create a stumbling block, and it often leaves you in a conundrum as to how to tackle the problem effectively.

This is true for dental business as it is for any other.

How many of these dental business problems have you […]

3 Ways to Inspire a High Performing Dental Team

Motivating Your Dental Team

As a dental practice owner, I’m sure that you want an effective, cohesive team, but you are also looking for high performance.

But why?

Because a high-performing team can induce changes within your practice that will bring about more productivity and revenues.

A cohesive team still requires direction, monitoring and supervision.

Over-reliance on a manager cannot establish the accelerated progress you need.

At every turn in any business, there […]

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