What Sales is Not

Some people cringe when you mention the term “sales” or “selling”, whilst other people’s eyes light up at the notion of increasing revenues. The word “Sales” has become infamous over the years, but in reality, it’s a simple term whose meaning dates back to bartering with a prehistoric man.

We sell every day of our lives, be it in selling our ideas, thoughts, what we stand for or […]

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The Concierge Dentist

You have heard of spa dentistry and cosmetic dentistry; now you will hear of “Concierge Dentistry”.

You will be pleased to know that it does not take much effort or money to establish yourself as a dentist who practices Concierge Dentistry. It will also be of great interest to you to learn that if you become known as part of this elite group of dentists […]

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Let New Patients Rain on You

To attract more new patients or to motivate existing ones to commence with treatment, you need to either become a rainmaker or acquire one. A rainmaker brings more business to any organisation and provides the opportunity to increase their income. They make patients rain on you!

They come in many guises, including the principal, the manager, the nurse, and the entire team. And be under no […]

Understanding Patient Perception To Gain Case Acceptances

Achieving a great practice has much to do with choices and decisions. This forms the foundation of gaining case acceptances from our patients. However, it is not only about giving choices but also making sure that those choices are understood and hence more favourable decisions can be made.

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