Preventing Team Burnout: A Leadership Priority for Sustainable Success

In today’s fast-paced and increasingly demanding business environment, the health and well-being of employees can sometimes be overlooked. Yet, it is the cornerstone of any successful and sustainable business practice.

The strength and productivity of a team depend not just on the collective skills and efforts of its members, but critically, on the well-being of each individual. As leaders, our responsibility transcends traditional boundaries of management and strategy to […]

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The Overwhelmed Practice

Too much to do, too little time

The most common form of stress that practice owners experience is the feeling of being overwhelmed with far too much to do and having little time to do it. In fact, “TIME POVERTY” is the biggest single problem facing our profession today!

We do not have enough time to fulfil our responsibilities. Because of budget limitations, staff motivation and training, downsizing, patient […]

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Overcome Your Biggest Dental Challenges

The Biggest Challenges Facing Dental Businesses

Sometimes, as you go through business life, you face certain challenges that you were not prepared for or had anticipated in any way.

These create a stumbling block, and it often leaves you in a conundrum as to how to tackle the problem effectively.

This is true for dental business as it is for any other.

How many of these dental business problems have you […]

Why “Out of the Box” thinking is necessary in dentistry?

How To Think Differently and Grow Your Practice

For most dentists, sometimes success requires thinking outside the box and innovative creativity. But this requires ideas of a way forward—solutions to problems. And when we as practice owners are contending with so much, it is sometimes challenging to develop the clarity needed to “design” new solutions to our challenges or obstacles.

So, we do nothing. We procrastinate.

Indeed, many look upon […]

How can dental practices get rid of stress

More Than Half of Dentists Say Stress is Affecting Their Practice

However, where does it originate from? It’s not that you set about wanting stress for yourself or your dental team. So, something must be going wrong!

Stress proliferates from frustrations when things don’t work out as expected.

It might be with taking action on aspects that you are uncertain about or have minimal skills in doing the required activity.

Most […]

Some Things Never Change

Sometimes shifts in businesses are seismic and sometimes they are subtle. But one thing is for sure that despite this there are certain important fundamentals that never change. As a result, you should always be working to strengthen these aspects so that you are in the best position ever to take on whatever life throws at you. Curious to find out what they are?

Communicating Clarity

As we all return to practice with our staff and our patients, it is important to recognise that Change, no matter how big or small, for most people is generally very difficult. The most significant Change for all of us is navigating our dentistry with Covid-19 and the associated new clinical protocols. In such uncertain times we need to be as clear in our communication as we possibly can. Here are a few tips that can help you.

Leading in Unchartered Waters

During this difficult realm of uncertainty, there has been a rise in the negative psychological impact of being in dentistry. This is true for all team personnel and patients alike that are involved in a dental practice. There has been much talk of anxiety and looming stress of the unknown or the imminent future. As a result, the Scientific Committee of the BAPD has introduced a white paper that you may find useful.

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