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21 Ways on How You Can Raise Cash Flow

The two elements that are going to sustain you back into profitability is cash and cash flow. As your practice restarts, you are going to have to generate enough revenues to give you this turnaround of business and stimulate the cash flow. Discover the best ways to do this.

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The Changing Face of Marketing

Dear Friends, Some of you may remember the Yellow Pages and all pre-internet marketing like advertising in newspapers. Much has changed in the last 50 years. Now, post-corona it will change yet again. This is because Marketing is actually a dynamic process.

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Are your eggs all in one basket?

A Happy Easter to you all. Having been overwhelmed with many chocolate Easter Eggs this year (not complaining), it made me think about how we compromise ourselves in business. Are we compromising ourselves by putting all our eggs in one basket? Are we over burdening our managers or ourselves?

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