Debunking 10 Leadership Myths

Photo of Bhavna and Rahul Doshi Speaking on Leadership

Many myths associated with leadership permeate our thinking and prevent many practice owners from getting the results they want. As a direct consequence of this unrealistic logic, dentists fail to motivate and inspire their teams despite putting much effort into this endeavour.

Many tend to have erroneous perceptions of what […]

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Cost of Hiring a New Employee

The Cost of Hiring a New Employee vs. Training an Existing Practice Team Member

The talent shortage in dentistry is the biggest challenge faced by dental practices today. In a recent poll of practice owners, 63% of respondents said they are unable to find enough qualified candidates to fill open positions, and 26% anticipate this to become a larger problem in the coming years.  In the face of this […]

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Let New Patients Rain on You

To attract more new patients or to motivate existing ones to commence with treatment, you need to either become a rainmaker or acquire one. A rainmaker brings more business to any organisation and provides the opportunity to increase their income. They make patients rain on you!

They come in many guises, including the principal, the manager, the nurse, and the entire team. And be under no […]

The Overwhelmed Practice

Too much to do, too little time

The most common form of stress that practice owners experience is the feeling of being overwhelmed with far too much to do and having little time to do it. In fact, “TIME POVERTY” is the biggest single problem facing our profession today!

We do not have enough time to fulfil our responsibilities. Because of budget limitations, staff motivation and training, downsizing, patient […]

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The number one question most dental practice owners ask

What Successful Practice Owners Need to Know

The most important question on a dental practice owner’s mind is:

How do I make this business more successful than it is now?

How do I level up?

Is growing your practice productivity on the top of your To-Do List for this year?

If so, like many other dentists, the questions that are floating in your mind would be:

  • What should I do?
  • How should […]

How to Navigate in the Post-Covid Era

If you are going to successfully navigate your business post-covid, then you need to redirect your focus on some critical essentials. Your focused activities need to remain on your growth strategies. Whilst much has changed in our world some principles still remain the bedrock of a thriving practice. The only difference is that in the post-covid era, the manner in which we conduct these essentials is slightly different. Discover the 5 key essential focus areas post covid.

Some Things Never Change

Sometimes shifts in businesses are seismic and sometimes they are subtle. But one thing is for sure that despite this there are certain important fundamentals that never change. As a result, you should always be working to strengthen these aspects so that you are in the best position ever to take on whatever life throws at you. Curious to find out what they are?

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