Habits of the Wealthy

  £ The POWER of Compounding £ 


A Grain of Rice 

The daughter of the Chinese Emperor was ill, and he promised riches beyond compare to whoever could cure her. A young peasant named Pong Lo entered the palace. With his wit and bravery, he restored the Princess’ health and won her heart. As his reward, Pong […]

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Overcome Your Biggest Dental Challenges

The Biggest Challenges Facing Dental Businesses

Sometimes, as you go through business life, you face certain challenges that you were not prepared for or had anticipated in any way.

These create a stumbling block, and it often leaves you in a conundrum as to how to tackle the problem effectively.

This is true for dental business as it is for any other.

How many of these dental business problems have you […]

3 Ways to Inspire a High Performing Dental Team

Motivating Your Dental Team

As a dental practice owner, I’m sure that you want an effective, cohesive team, but you are also looking for high performance.

But why?

Because a high-performing team can induce changes within your practice that will bring about more productivity and revenues.

A cohesive team still requires direction, monitoring and supervision.

Over-reliance on a manager cannot establish the accelerated progress you need.

At every turn in any business, there […]

Why “Out of the Box” thinking is necessary in dentistry?

How To Think Differently and Grow Your Practice

For most dentists, sometimes success requires thinking outside the box and innovative creativity. But this requires ideas of a way forward—solutions to problems. And when we as practice owners are contending with so much, it is sometimes challenging to develop the clarity needed to “design” new solutions to our challenges or obstacles.

So, we do nothing. We procrastinate.

Indeed, many look upon […]

How can dental practices get rid of stress

More Than Half of Dentists Say Stress is Affecting Their Practice

However, where does it originate from? It’s not that you set about wanting stress for yourself or your dental team. So, something must be going wrong!

Stress proliferates from frustrations when things don’t work out as expected.

It might be with taking action on aspects that you are uncertain about or have minimal skills in doing the required activity.

Most […]

The number one question most dental practice owners ask

What Successful Practice Owners Need to Know

The most important question on a dental practice owner’s mind is:

How do I make this business more successful than it is now?

How do I level up?

Is growing your practice productivity on the top of your To-Do List for this year?

If so, like many other dentists, the questions that are floating in your mind would be:

  • What should I do?
  • How should […]

Is your dental practice getting left behind?

I know Why Your Patients Are Leaving. Do You? 

A dental practice, like all other businesses, is forever undergoing an inevitable change. These changes could be either self-inflicted or imposed upon you, planned or unplanned. A team member leaving or arriving is a change in the team dynamics. The introduction of a new treatment changes how you promote that treatment. New regulations are a change in how you […]

Do you find it difficult to motivate your dental team?

Do You Want To Generate High Impact Performance From Your Dental Team?

The number one concern that I feel most dentists have is how they can get their dental teams to do the things they need them to do without having to constantly remind them or be on their case.

They want the dental practice to function effectively and efficiently so that they can generate the high results […]

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