More Than Half of Dentists Say Stress is Affecting Their Practice

However, where does it originate from? It’s not that you set about wanting stress for yourself or your dental team. So, something must be going wrong!

Stress proliferates from frustrations when things don’t work out as expected.

It might be with taking action on aspects that you are uncertain about or have minimal skills in doing the required activity.

Most dentists then look to the team for answers.

However, you may have a team culture that may or may not be meeting your expectations.

Many dentists feel that they are clarifying enough, providing lots of training and constantly reminding their dental team of things they need to do.


And yet the team falls short.

This is why many dentists end up feeling a sense of lost control and yet more frustration.

This builds up and compounds into stress.

It actually creeps into your daily life, and you don’t give it a second thought.

You focus on the problems it creates. You are then forever troubleshooting in your dental practice.

You end up not enjoying being a business owner, and life then gets you down.


How dental teams build stress: Dentistry burnout


Stress in the workplaceTeam members can also feel stress.

They feel that they (at least the conscientious ones) give the job their very best.

They can’t understand what you (the practice principal or practise manager) wants or why you are not happy with the way things are.

Whenever a practice principal gets stressed, annoyed or disappointed, these feelings filter down to each and every dental team member.

They instinctively feel that things are not working the way they should.

They have these negative feelings without really understanding what is going wrong. This causes stress and anxiety within the team.

The practice team might not be able to picture the end result you are trying to achieve or simply don’t see the importance of it.

There may even be insecurities and inadequate capabilities.

Either way, you lose out!


Getting rid of stress and building positivity

The key is empowerment.

This can only occur with a style of Transformational Leadership that is applicable to dental practices.

It provides the autonomy you need to transform your practice, your team and your productivity to realise your Vision.

Each team member in your dental team needs to be nurtured as a leader.

You need to empower them with work objectives, systems, decision-making abilities and help them to contribute to the overall practice systems.

An ideal team consists of a group of leaders that work independently and autonomously.

The team also need to be working in a state of focused flow where they are doing meaningful work with a certain level of skill that they feel comfortable with.


This requires sound transformational leadership.

This type of leadership is very much in tune with the needs and requirements of the individual team members on a psychological level.

When the team feels safe, secure and are in a place where they can grow, contribute and feel valued, you will consequentially see a change in team dynamics and the positive impact on everyone.

Over the last 25 years, both Rahul and Bhavna have developed techniques and tools that can transform anyone into a leader.The result of building positivity throughout your life

You can only have the right people if you are able to nurture the relationships and the team dynamics in an inspirational and powerful way. Otherwise, even the best team members will not contribute to the success of the dental practice.
Your dental team want to be part of a group that is supportive, motivational and inspirational.

You can now join the group of discerning savvy dentists out there who are gaining momentum in their businesses using tried, tested and proven techniques in Transformational Leadership.


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