How to Navigate in the Post-Covid Era

If you are going to successfully navigate your business post-covid, then you need to redirect your focus on some critical essentials. Your focused activities need to remain on your growth strategies. Whilst much has changed in our world some principles still remain the bedrock of a thriving practice. The only difference is that in the post-covid era, the manner in which we conduct these essentials is slightly different. Discover the 5 key essential focus areas post covid.

Communicating Clarity

As we all return to practice with our staff and our patients, it is important to recognise that Change, no matter how big or small, for most people is generally very difficult. The most significant Change for all of us is navigating our dentistry with Covid-19 and the associated new clinical protocols. In such uncertain times we need to be as clear in our communication as we possibly can. Here are a few tips that can help you.

The Post-Covid Storm of Change

The Covid-19 Pandemic has brought with it a storm of imminent changes that have assaulted our very way of life. As we slowly navigate through the uncertainties, it is increasingly becoming clear to us that we are going to have to contend with the consequences. The question then lies is - how are we going to manage these changes so that we afford the most minimal of damages and re-build our businesses to once again thrive?

Social Media in Lockdown: Part 1 of 2

As we progress into Lockdown Social Media is a mode of communication that is currently being used to a greater than average capacity. Since screen time is very high at the moment (probably the highest its ever been) and people are absorbing a lot more information, you can become part of their world by putting across the right type of messages. In this 2 part blog we explore how best to use social media.

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Culture eats Strategy for breakfast!

Recently, having attended a webinar by a guy called Dr Allen Zimbler who used to be Chief Integrating Officer at Investec plc and is now retired, I found that much of what he spoke about resonated with DWB thinking. Allen has also significantly contributed to helping Dentex Healthcare Group identify its Values and Vision. He came up with some interesting points which I would like to share with you.

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5 Key Proactive Areas to Focus on during Lockdown

At this moment, when you are blessed with time, is when you should be constructive in how to use that time so as not to waste it. I thought about this very hard and I thought to myself, if Rahul and I had this happening to us what would we do? How would we become proactive in helping our businesses?

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