Do You Want To Generate High Impact Performance From Your Dental Team?

The number one concern that I feel most dentists have is how they can get their dental teams to do the things they need them to do without having to constantly remind them or be on their case.

They want the dental practice to function effectively and efficiently so that they can generate the high results needed for a profitable business.

motivate your team

The problem

However, many dentists feel a constant struggle when it comes to motivating their team.

They feel like they have lost control and experienced continual intense frustrations.

Mostly, this is because dentists simply want to delegate running of the practice systems and then carry on with their clinical work.

This invariably does not happen to create a negative spiral within the dental team.

What most dental practice owners then do is compromised by accepting the status quo.

What other choice is there, they feel?

They would instead grin and bear it than lose staff through uncomfortable confrontations.

High staff turnover and recruitment become a constantly defeating reminder of their discontent

Other dental practitioners then simple go with the flow that their staff set (which is not a profitable one). And any dreams of levelling up get embedded in a sea of daily issues and problems (which wouldn’t be there if the team were more proactive).

Well, the answer to this conundrum is actually a simple one. It’s more than nurture. And easier than you think.

What is required is a type of Transformational Leadership that can be applied to dentistry and give you optimal performance from your team.

What you need is to establish an environment that actually provides the team with a greater level of autonomy, self-direction and a decision-making capability.

What correct leadership of dental teams can do for you?

  1. Firstly, you will be able to eliminate costly mistakes. This is because the team are operating in an efficient and structured manner to gain specific end results. They are not working haphazardly in a chaotic manner.
  2. The most advantageous benefit of leading the team correctly is that it will reduce all-round team stress. This includes stress you experience as a consequence of a disorderly practice.
  3. When the team feel confident in the leadership, you can prevent costly reactive behaviours. This is because the team begin to work in a strategic proactive, and progressive manner, knowing the importance of their contribution to the overall Vision.
  4. You will be able to prevent procrastination and, more importantly, get things done! When the entire team works cohesively towards a shared purpose, they often feel better motivated. This alone will help you advance with greater speed towards your goals.
  5. A happy dental team makes for a happy dental practice. Everyone can then get on with the business of establishing a better work/life balance and greater job satisfaction.


Overcoming big challenges


It’s not just about motivation; it’s about transforming your practice, your team and your productivity to realise your vision.

You can now join the group of discerning savvy dentists out there who are gaining momentum in their businesses using tried, tested and proven techniques in Transformational Leadership.

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