Motivating Your Dental Team

As a dental practice owner, I’m sure that you not only want an effective cohesive team, but you are also looking for high performance.

But why?

Because a high performing team can induce changes within your practice that will bring about more productivity and revenues.

A cohesive team still requires direction, monitoring and supervision.

Over-reliance on a manager cannot establish the accelerated progress you need.

At every turn in any business, there will be certain challenges.

We all know that a growing business is ever-evolving and progressing. However, this requires a team effort.


Lack of growth

work together as a team

When dental team members don’t have the right inspiration for high performance, it can lead to stress, strain and procrastination.

This is especially true when the team face challenges within their roles in the dental practice.

It could be in communicating with patients or they were not able to follow a certain protocol or that they did not feel confident dealing with a specific task.

Then you start hearing “excuses” as to why things are not getting done.

And of course, this means that you end up micro-managing your people.

A dental practice owner that is micro-managing or believes in a hierarchy, will not have the stamina to then lead the business to grow.

All their energy and mental focus will be used up in a regressive manner.


What does it take to build a high performing optimal dental team?

There are three key essential components to optimal performance:

  1. Effective Communication: Your team needs to comprehensively understand the vision of what you are trying to accomplish. They need to be involved in its creation, integration and execution. Clarity of the vision enables any one person to work autonomously and direct themselves towards a positive solution. It also makes decision-making easier. If for example, a team member is faced with a decision, rather than constantly going to the dental practice manager for every little decision, they can simply ask themselves: what are my options and how will each option impact the overall practice Vision? If they know the Vision, then they will be able to work out the answer since the right decision will have the most positive impact on the Vision.
  2. Roles & Goals: Your team needs clearly defined roles that are integrated into an overall system devised to achieve a certain end result. You then need checks in place that can monitor the system and be able to refine it when the metrics are not what you expect. If each team member fully understands the exact objectives that they need to reach and have deadlines, they are more likely to be successful in their role. However, it must be stressed that the team member should be comfortable with their skills in accomplishing the tasks given. This requires the correct training and motivation. This subsequently develops autonomy and independent work, that the dental team feel responsible towards.
  3. Team Culture: This is about how everyone interacts with each other and the values that you as a group have decided are important to you. These become your “rules” of behaviour. It takes time but eventually, it becomes embedded within the very fabric of your business. A positive team culture will be able to drive the mechanism of your dental practice in the direction you want. This is when you can leave your team unsupervised and accountable for their own work. We have seen this in operation firsthand as we started gaining multiple dental practices. We were able to leave the team to work effectively and efficiently on their own with minimal and little guidance. More.

Transforming your practice requires enhanced leadership skills, a vision and a group of people who buy into that vision.

Your dental team want to be part of a group that is supportive, motivational and inspirational.

You can now join the group of discerning savvy dentists out there who are gaining momentum in their businesses using tried, tested and proven techniques in Transformational Leadership.


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