The Biggest Challenges Facing Dental Businesses

Sometimes, as you go through business life, you face certain challenges that you were not prepared for or had anticipated in any way.

These create a stumbling block, and it often leaves you in a conundrum as to how to tackle the problem effectively.

This is true for dental business as it is for any other.

How many of these dental business problems have you faced?

These are the top challenges for dentists…

Team Resistance

Many practice owners face team resistance in its various forms when trying to implement new changes within the practice.

Mostly this occurs due to the team not having the ability to understand why the change may be necessary in the first place. Alternatively, your leadership may not be as sound as you think it to be.

Perhaps you have introduced too many changes in a short space of time with no real results.

The team end up undergoing “Change Fatigue”, which results in hesitant or resistant behaviours.

Correction of this requires much-advanced thinking, strategy and proper communication.

Uncommitted Team

Refocus your team to your visionDespite continual reform, many dental practice owners find it increasingly challenging to motivate or inspire a team that appears to have lost its mojo.

When this occurs, you will find it a constant uphill struggle to manage the team effectively. The team need to be engaged and committed towards the end goal of the practice.

They can only do this if they feel that their work contributes significantly and that they are valued and appreciated for being part of the dental team.

They need to feel as if they are a part of the overall process and vision.

Only then will they want to do over and above their expected role. They need to feel part of your dental family.


Reduced Returns

When negativity breeds, staff turnover increases. Every time a staff member leaves, you to have to spend resources of time, money and effort on recruiting, training and integration. If not corrected, this forms a never-ending cycle of loss.

Poor sales & marketing

Taking action to avoid losing control

Incorrect actions or inaction by the dental team results in ineffective and inefficient sales and marketing processes – the consequences of which are poor financial results and much frustration.

Loss of control

Despite spending huge amounts of energy, time and resources in motivating and trying to inspire your team, you feel that you fall short every time. This leads to a frustrating feeling of never being in control. You desperately want the progress and high production but never seem to get headway in the right direction.

Time Poverty

Too many dental practice owners get wrapped up working “in” their business and leave no time for working “on” their business. This leads to never having enough time to do all the non-clinical things that are essential to growth and productivity. The only thing that happens is you end up having a huge “To-Do” list that just piles up.

Overcome these challenges

We have taken the very best of Transformational Leadership styles and applied it to dentistry.

Having amalgamated our combined 25 years of dental experience and knowledge of optimal team performance, we can now show you how easy it is to integrate this into your own practice.

  • Eliminate costly mistakes
  • Reduce all-round team stress
  • Prevent costly reactive behaviours
  • Prevent procrastination and get things done
  • Have a better work/life balance

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It’s not just about motivation; it’s about transforming your practice, your team and your productivity to realise your Vision.

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