I love movies, and when they have morale, I love them even more! Recently, I was watching Frozen II with my kids (not so little, mind you), and there was one song in it that I found pretty inspirational – some things never change.

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In the movie, Olaf initiates the song by asking the question Anna – “Tell me, you are older and thus all-knowing, do you ever worry about the notion that nothing is permanent?’. Anna replies with the song:


Some Things Never Change

Yes, the wind blows a little bit colder
And we’re all getting older
And the clouds are moving on with every Autumn breeze
Peter Pumpkin just became fertilizer
And my leaf’s a little sadder and wiser
That’s why I rely on certain certainties
Yes, some things never change
Like the feel of your hand in mine
Some things stay the same
Like how we get along just fine
Like an old stone wall that will never fall
Some things are always true
Some things never change
Like how I’m holding on tight to you
The leaves are already falling
Sven, it feels like the future is calling
Are you telling me tonight you’re gonna get down on one knee?
Yep, but I’m really bad at planning these things out
Like candlelight and pulling up rings out
Maybe you should leave all the romantic stuff to me
Yeah, some things never change
Like the love that I feel for her
Some things stay the same
Like how reindeer’s are easier
But if I commit and I go for it
I’ll know what to say and do, right?
Some things never change
Sven, the pressure is all on you
The winds are restless, could that be why I’m hearing this call?
Is something coming? I’m not sure I want things to change at all
These days are precious, can’t let them slip away
I can’t freeze this moment, but I can still go out and seize this day
The wind blows a little bit colder
And you all look a little bit older
It’s time to count our blessings beneath an Autumn sky
We’ll always live in the kingdom of plenty
That stands for the good of the many
And I promise you the flag of Arendelle will always fly
Our flag will always fly
Our flag will always fly
Our flag will always fly
Some things never change
Turn around in the time that’s flown
Some things stay the same
Though the future remains unknown
May our good luck rest, may our past be past
Time’s moving fast, it’s true
Some things never change
And I’m holding on tight to you
Holding on tight to you
Holding on tight to you
Holding on tight to you
I’m holding on tight to you

Source: LyricFind

Songwriters: Kristen Anderson-Lopez / Robert Lopez

Some Things Never Change lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

Certainty can be found amidst uncertainty.

Getting stressed out by workLife has thrown us all a curveball and hauled us into uncertainty with the covid pandemic. This has caused much anxiety and fear of the future. We have all been forced to make changes to our everyday lives. This may range from how we keep our distance from each other to donning PPE at work.

Consequently, there have also been positive movements forward with greater consideration of contactless technology or digital workflow.

You can see a range of possible Changes we have encountered in my previous blog: The Post Covid Storm of Change.

However, there are most certainly some things that never change when it comes to business.


7 Things That Never Change In Business

  • Your Vision.

    Regardless of a change in circumstances, your Vision should not change. A Vision is an aspiration of a distant future that seems almost impossible to reach. As long as your Vision serves a higher purpose for your business existence and it inspires you to do more, even when you don’t feel like it, then it should remain a constant.


  • Your Values.

    These are the unspoken rules of engagement. It is how you intend to develop and create the culture in your business. Usually, like-minded individuals are attracted to each other’s ideals. This way of thinking becomes your innate values. Your values are your foundational beliefs and do not change much due to external forces.


  • Your ability to work hard.

    Rely on you, and you will never be let down. You know what you are capable of, and your hard work can continue no matter what the external environmental forces will things to be. Continue to put the work in, and you will most definitely reap the rewards. Sometimes it’s just about showing up!


  • Your ability to adapt to the change.

    You can always have faith in your gumption to change when change is necessary. Your ability to adapt to the changing circumstances can become your biggest asset to transcending into the future. This will also keep you at the forefront of the industry.


  • The need for your Leadership.

    Your team need you now more than ever to help navigate the business and steer it out of troubled waters. Leadership is a skill that is required no matter what the times maybe. However, currently, when battling a crisis, this is when much clarity and focus are required. Good Leadership can help you achieve much success, to not only survive this pandemic but to come out the other end stronger than ever before.

  • Your clinical skills and knowledge.

    You can continue to care for your patients and provide the dentistry no matter what forces of change happen upon you. The only thing that is different is your delivery of that care. But the actual treatment diagnosis, planning and treatment techniques have not changed. Your knowledge has not been affected. Your clinical ability has not been affected. In fact, you now have the opportunity to improve your service of care.

  • The 7 Core Business Fundamentals.

    Work and follow-through strategies are required in these core areas of business no matter what the circumstances. I call them the 7 Core Fundamentals. These are Sales, Marketing, Leadership, Systems, Vision, Financial and Clinical Strategies. The only differences lie in how you conduct the strategies, not in their objectives.


Sometimes shifts in businesses are seismic, and sometimes they are subtle. But one thing is for sure that despite this, there are certain important fundamentals that never change because of the shift. As a result, you should always be working to strengthen these aspects so that you are in the best position to take on whatever life throws at you. I hope I have been able to reassure you that some things indeed do not change. Perhaps you can think of some more.

Meanwhile, keep well and safe, Bhavna.

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