During this challenging realm of uncertainty, there has been a rise in the negative psychological impact of being in dentistry. This is true for all team personnel that are involved in a dental practice. There has been much talk of anxiety and looming stress of the unknown or the imminent future.

As a result, the Scientific Committee of the BAPD has introduced a white paper, written by Dr Damien McNee, that you may find helpful. The Psychological Impact of Returning to Work

Many of you may know of Rahul’s involvement with the British Academy of Private Dentistry (BAPD), which is a movement rising from the lack of guidance provided to private dentists during the Covid-19 Pandemic. During this time, it came to highlight how we did not have a significant body of representation and how we were not acknowledged when it came to professional regulatory bodies and the government. Various entities (CQC, GDC, indemnity companies, OCDO, PHE) have claimed to support private dentists, but there primary remit has always been the NHS.

Knowledge is Power

Rahul Doshi sharing knowledge of leadership in a Dental BusinessBeing equipped with the knowledge of how our patients and team are feeling about reopening after lockdown can help us to be more mindful of how we approach our businesses. There are many sensitivities we need to be aware of and address. Life as we had once known is no longer, and much work will be required to alleviate the anxieties and fears associated with re-establishing dental care.

You will find that this white paper provides many useful areas of focus and helpful guidance.

In the end, it will be about your potential for good Leadership. This is the time when you need to be the guiding light for your team, your patients and yourself. Your people will be looking to you for safety protocols and guidance on how best to manage the practice in light of the new circumstances.


“It is during a crisis that the true nature of the leadership is brought to light. When times are tough people look for leaders to take them through it.”


We are all leaders in and out of work. However, we don’t usually get any formal training on this topic. Therefore, those that are natural at this particular skill will tend to get their goals achieved, whilst others that have no innate ability lag behind.

Maybe, it’s for this reason that the world gives great admiration to those leaders that have found a way of making their organisations or movements successful. Although there are many things that may have contributed to the overall success of any one company, most people will attribute the success to the “strong Leadership”. In some cases, this is true, but not in others.


Outstanding Leadership will transform anxiety into confidence

Sharing practical leadership skills

The good thing is that regardless of what people may think, Leadership skills can be learned. This, in turn means that your business can become successful based on how intensely you use these skills.

There are certain fundamental core areas such as marketing, sales, systems, financial strategies that when acted upon in the correct way, can transform your income, your profits and the innate value of your practice. However, I would probably put Leadership down as the most important focus because it is what gels all the other fundamentals together and makes them work harmoniously together.

In these turbulent times, your people need a calm controlled voice to lead them into stability. Continuous communication, honesty and transparency are going to be the tools you adopt.

But above all being conscious of the deeper apprehension and angst that underlies all communication is going to be key in how you manage the crisis.

The BAPD has done much to help us move forward, but in your practice, you are the person everyone will look to, and this is the time when you need to be more attentive as to what is happening in terms of the psychological makeup of your business. These are unchartered waters, and navigation is not going to be easy but equipping yourself with the best information and plans is the best way forward.

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