Posted on May 05, 2020 by Dr. Bhavna Doshi

Great Communication Equals Huge Marketing Returns

We are now in an environment as such that your marketing content should also the basis of the communication (verbal skills) articulated by your entire team when they interact with any patients.

Early adopters to this style of communication will not only be gaining a return on your marketing efforts but will also be making your marketing more powerful. So great communication in conjunction with cost-effective lead generating strategies such as content marketing and use of social media will have a dynamic productive impact on your bottom line and profits.

This will inevitably rebuild your businesses in a dynamic way.

5 Key Aspects Your CommunicationShouldInclude:

  1. Reassurance of the safety measures you have in place. If you don’t speak these verbally to your patients then how will they know that you have put these measures into place? If we assume that patients will know this then we are wrong and will lose customers to those practices that actually state and explain these safety protocols to the patient.

Your team will only be able to do this if you have had meetings and planned the exact protocols out in advance. Otherwise, your team will not be confident in what they are allowed to say.

  1. An understanding of your patient’s full situation and a picture of their world now can be very useful in helping your patients further. This relates to building rapport by showing care and understanding of the difficulties that a patient may have undergone in either the current or post-pandemic environment. They may have suffered to varying degrees and you will be showing how much you care when you ask your patients about this. It is important to have given some thought to what you will say. Otherwise what you say can come across unemotional and indifferent.
  1. Appealing to a customer’s Emotional Intelligence. This is all about “feelings”. Asking questions and having a conversation with patients that elicits emotions is a great place to start. The patients should come away FEELING good; that they have had an opportunity to get things off their chest.
  1. Providing current and updated Covid Pandemic Information. This will be a time when your patients will have many questions and not enough reassurance or answers. If you become the expert place to where they can gain clarity and understanding, it will attract patients to your practice. If you are able to educate your patients on the current situations it will become a form of expertise.

Ask yourself where would YOU be more likely to go: a place that is “in the know” or one that doesn’t appear to tell you anything? It is all about patient perception.

  1. Find out your patients exact dental concerns and why they are seeking out help. Find out exactly what is troubling your patients when they call. Show understanding and ask questions so that you can establish a clearer picture.

Many business owners are so focused on how to SAVE money that they are losing focus on how to MAKE money.

Planning in advance of how you as a team will communicate with your patients will have amazing effects on your bottom line. Don’t just ASSUME your patients know things. Plan and set out specific verbal skills on what the entire team will say. This way no one team member will say whatever comes into their mind at that particular moment in time.

Plan now and get a return on your marketing investment, organise the team thinking beforehand and increase your Turnover.

DWB working in close association with The Perfect Smile Advanced Training Institute