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Dr Bhavna Doshi will be speaking at the upcoming Dentistry LIVE Conference at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London, in the heart of Westminster, on 14th June 2014 at 4.00 pm.


Discover Leadership strategies used by some top business executives to achieve their business goals. Turn your resources into a formidable sales and marketing force barricading your practice against economic pressures and help take your practice to the next level.

Differentiate yourself as an effective leader and get the success you have always wanted in your business and career. These are tried, tested and proven success strategies created by dentists for dentists.

Delving into the mind of a successful leader will allow you to create a successful, profitable practice using protective business protocols against any form of economic or business decline. Discover the necessary ingredients of leading entrepreneurship to stay ahead and understand the areas within a practice that can be leveraged for greater revenues. Nurture and motivate your team to maximise their potential resulting in effective and efficient management protocols.

Learn how to action, implement and integrate these profitable techniques by innovative leadership strategies in a manageable system for the busy dentist and the team.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn effective Leadership.
  2. Use techniques used by successful business managers and executives to establish core productivity.
  3. Learn the exact processes of developing a profitable practice.
  4. Eliminate competition.
  5. Turn your greatest overhead into an investment that provides returns.
  6. Establish productive behaviours within the team.
  7. Know the different Team Systems that assist in creating profits.
  8. Lead an effective and money-saving sales and marketing plan.
  9. Create a workable, realistic business plan proven to give you results.
  10. Learn how to motivate and reward your Team.


This lecture will help you forge more robust and deeper professional relationships with your entire team. Create a successful practice and lead it to the next level!

See you there!


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