There are many different types of approaches you can take when designing your marketing plan.

  • “DIY Competition” Based. With this type of approach, you will always be looking at your competition for inspiration.

  • Outsource. You can always hire a marketing company to do your marketing for you. This has its advantages and disadvantages. However, the primary disadvantage is that you lose control. You will be under pressure to market as advised. These organisations are not always correct. Therefore, the most important way you will be able to help yourself if to learn about the common marketing strategies yourself before you outsource to delegate and take control by working with a consultant to help you educate you on marketing strategies for your practice.


Content is King!

  • Single engine driven. This is what a lot of practices are doing now. They are relying on single marketing activity to generate new patients.


  • Test Approach It relies upon using a multitude of simple strategies for a very short time and testing each one. Then you create a marketing plan based on the strategies that gave you positive results. Certain media require time to generate appropriate responses.


  • Calendar linked. This is designing a master marketing plan around calendar events.  For example, Valentine’s campaigns for teeth whitening.  Pre-Christmas dental health checks, etc.

Testing a multitude of simple strategies

  • Target Income linked It is dependent upon financial targets and goals that need to be reached by a certain time. However, it can put the entire team under pressure to meet the targets.


  • Event and Social Media Linked You can create a marketing plan filled with special events and social media activity.


  • Multi-generator Approach. This is the approach I like the best.  It utilises all the advantages of all the other approaches and helps you to maximise revenues and new patient generation. It still relies on a multitude of marketing activities. But it is not specific to any type of marketing activity. The best way of using this approach is to make sure you plan all the no-cost marketing activities first, and then you can add other marketing activities into the plan according to your budgets and previous experiences.  It allows you to take a more efficient and rewarding approach to business.


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