Cost of Hiring a New Employee

The Cost of Hiring a New Employee vs. Training an Existing Practice Team Member

The talent shortage in dentistry is the biggest challenge faced by dental practices today. In a recent poll of practice owners, 63% of respondents said they are unable to find enough qualified candidates to fill open positions, and 26% anticipate this to become a larger problem in the coming years.  In the face of this […]

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The Concierge Dentist

You have heard of spa dentistry and cosmetic dentistry; now you will hear of “Concierge Dentistry”.

You will be pleased to know that it does not take much effort or money to establish yourself as a dentist who practices Concierge Dentistry. It will also be of great interest to you to learn that if you become known as part of this elite group of dentists […]

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To Brand or not to Brand……

Can branding hurt your practice?

Overuse of misinterpreted branding concepts can have damaging effects on dental businesses. Is there a significant difference between how big companies get custom and dental practices?

Apart from the apparent difference between larger companies and the small business dental practice, in that one is much larger than the other, there are much more subtle differences that the dental practitioner needs to understand if they are […]

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Let New Patients Rain on You

To attract more new patients or to motivate existing ones to commence with treatment, you need to either become a rainmaker or acquire one. A rainmaker brings more business to any organisation and provides the opportunity to increase their income. They make patients rain on you!

They come in many guises, including the principal, the manager, the nurse, and the entire team. And be under no […]

Are you sitting on a pot of gold?

Hitting the jackpot

Do you feel like you have reached the end of the rainbow, or are you still struggling to find it? Most dentists answer this with a definite no. Well, I believe that most dentists have already found their pot of gold but are struggling to see it,

 You are already sitting in a treasure cove; you just need the magic spell to uncover this hidden wealth. It […]

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Recipe for Success

Most dentists want a successful, thriving and profitable dental practice. But we all know that there are not enough of them around. The problem lies in the fact that when you feel like things are going your way, suddenly you face difficulties of more than one nature. Suddenly the number of new patients entering your door reduces, or patients fail to continue with your

The Overwhelmed Practice

Too much to do, too little time

The most common form of stress that practice owners experience is the feeling of being overwhelmed with far too much to do and having little time to do it. In fact, “TIME POVERTY” is the biggest single problem facing our profession today!

We do not have enough time to fulfil our responsibilities. Because of budget limitations, staff motivation and training, downsizing, patient […]

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How to make your marketing money work harder than ever for you.

So many dentists invest in ventures with the hope of drawing in more patients to their practice. However, just because you have spent your hard-earned money does not necessarily mean you are actually INVESTING, let alone anticipating new patients actually booking appointments and bring you an income.

When considering marketing strategies we need to have an investor mindset. Investors spend money for a return on investment, i.e. spend money […]

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